I M In My 2nd Trimester And Still Clueless HELP

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Amy - October 17

Ok, I am not exactly sure how far along I am or when I'm due and I am soooo scared! I have been to the doctors only 3 times and I've been told different things each time! First time I went I was told 17 weeks and due Feb. 7th, then I went and was told due Feb.5th and last time I went I was told 22 weeks due Feb.11th... I am still confuzed and even my doctor says these are still only estemates and it will probably change agian next time! Well my husband is in the Military and I am scared that if we don't know when I'm due he might be gone when I go into labor! So I THINK I'm as of today 23 weeks... but maybe not.... Does anyone know around about a time in which I concieved? I'm thinking June something but I have no idea.....


Jessica - October 17

That makes no sense to me. I am 17 weeks pregnant and due March 28, 2006, so how could they say you are 17 weeks and due February 7th. Your baby would be premature. The last estimate makes most sense to me. How are we supposed to know when you concieved though? When was your last menstrual period? That may help me figure it out for you. Have you had your level 2 ultrasound?


bean - October 17

Amy - all those dates are really close. Sounds like you should expect a baby sometime between Feb 5th and 11th. Remember - it's only an estimate! The baby will come when s/he wants to - not when the dct tells you you are due. If you're trying to schedule dh's time at home, I would say a good guess would be beginning to mid February. Other than that, unless you plan on a c-section or induced labor, it's really up to the little guy.


cecile - October 18

im 23 weeks and i am due feb 12 i had my last period may,8 if you had ur last period in june you might be due in march


Amy G - October 18

Amy - I agree with Jessica that is random. I am almost 22 weeks and due Feb. 24th.. how are you due somewhere btwn the 5th -11th. When did doctors date your first u/s? They should have given you an aprox conception date. Also, do you have an idea about your last period?? The further along the u/s get .. the less accurate they are. Before, 8 weeks, u/s are accurate +/- 3 days.


Tess - October 18

I think you'd find out how far along u are if u know when was ur last period?


jennifer - October 18

I am due march 1 and I am 21 weeks


mls - October 27

AMY: even if you knew the EXACT DAY you conceived, you have a 2 week margin for error, either side of your due date. it's just an estimation, noone knows for sure what day you are due. only the baby. so a difference of just a few days is just splitting hairs.



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