I M Measuring Bigger Than I Am Help

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Serenna - March 17

When i went to the dr. a couple of weeks ago, they said that I was 13 weeks but i was measuring 16 weeks. Is this normal. I'm not overweight i've overall lost 2 lbs in this pregnancy. And this is my first pregnancy!!! Please give me some insight it would b much appreciated.**~Baby Dust~**


lilmama - March 17

are they going to do an ultrasound? Not to alarm you, but the same thing happened to me at 15 weeks and they did an ultrasound and found out I was having twins! It could also mean that you are just farther along than they originally thought. good luck


Serenna - March 17

Lilmama: Thanks for your response. No i haven't had an ultrasound, they won't do one until they s_x it, unfortunatley, they were goin to do one last time but they then realized that the baby hadn't moved up into my belly yet, and that's y they couldn't hear it. I wish they would've done an ultrasound, this is my 1st and i just want to see the lil cutie. Thanks so much. I'm a twin so having twins did cross my mind.


Serena - March 17

If you are concerned, they could do an ultrasound. I had my first ultrasound at 10 weeks to make sure baby was OK. They did this through the v____a. I got a baby picture. I had another one done at 14 weeks. They did this to check on the baby since I am considered high risk because of my hypertension.


Serenna - March 17

My dr. said that due to the fact that i'm not high risk and they only have one machine, with 4 offices they only do them if absolutley necessary. I guess we'll find out more when i go in april. She said the baby and i we both were really healthy, so that's all that really matters. I was just wondering y i was measuring almost a month ahead of what i am and if it's normal. Thanks for all of your ladies help.


tara - March 17

it could be that your uterus went through an early growth that doesn't mean that at 16 weeks you will be measuring 19. Your baby just has more room to move around right now. :o)


vmchatters - March 28

I always measure far bigger than I'm supposed to. I have been checked all 3 pregnancies for twins for this specific reason. I swear it has something to do with being short waisted. Granted I do have big babies but early on they are normal in size. I've never had more than one little one growing in there! It could be twins or you could be farther along. good luck to you!


Rebecca - May 23

Well the samething just started happening to me also. Although I am 26 weeks a long and they are measuring me at almost 29 weeks. I asked my doctor about it this morning, and he said that I shouldn't worry about it. My next appt I have to have another ultrasound. It has already been confirmed that I am not having twins, so that may not be your problem either. I just like to think that I am having a chubby healthy little girl.


Raquel Concepcion - September 4

My Doctor is going to do an ultrasound in about for days, she did found on the sonogram my uterus bigger than normal ,,, Please Pray it will be okay..


lilmama - September 13

i haven't come here in a long time. I gave birth to twins a few weeks ago. I was measuring like a 54 weeks woman.



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