I M Not Trying To Be Rude BUT

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Irritated - September 27

Why do people keep posting on messages that are OVER a year and a half old??? May I make a suggestion, just glance the date of the first post to get an idea if this person still needs advice or not.


Well..... - September 27

Maybe the post still applies to someone else and others can profit from the information others post as well as the person who started the thread. So maybe thats why!!


Irritated - September 27

Well start a new post then... It doesnt need to be 2 miles long.


Understandable - September 27

I kind of tend to agree with this post, there is the "help me I am 15 and think I am pregnant" post that has been around since may of 2004 (I looked the date up). It still gets replied to the original poster. I am a__suming that is the type of post that "Irritated" is talking about. Also if people keep replying to that it does bump other questions down the post ladder. Just my opinion. Thank you.


shelly - September 27

I completely agree! How can anyone profit from people responding when that person obviously made a decision years ago. I think if people have a similar question, post your own question!!


m - September 28

what happens is someone starts a forum and then it kinda turns into everbody's post, so it's is really a bunch of people chatting on that subject, thats the only thing I can come up with


Irritated - September 28

m~ I think that is a little different than responding and addressing the reply to a person that made the post well over a year ago. Like I said, I am not tying to be rude about this or anything. But I just think people should sort of glance at the posts that have 8 million replies and see if its something that needs to be replied to. Seems like people go back into the forums months and still reply to the original poster when most likely the person has already had their baby. Just a thought. : )


m - September 28

I don't know, I guess your right, but people keep posting, but who really cares, I guess if people stop answering, then sooner or later the other posts will pile on top, you can't stop people from answering, so why let it bother you, just don't get on a post.


Irritated - September 29

But that is just my point, sooner or later it does get buried under all sorts of posts, then someone decides to go back 3 weeks and read posts and replies to them without looking to see how old they are. Then there it is again.. lol


To irritated, - September 29

Sorry, if this comes off rude, but don't sweat the small stuff it's all small stuff, ya know! There's no need to be irritated with this just don't bother to go into the old post and ignore them. Just a little advice.....


totally agree - September 29

with "to irritated". There are so may other things to be irritated by, like how much your feet are swelling. Or how you can't quite reach your shoe laces anymore...


lol - September 29

unfortunately, the world is full of people that don't pay attention to such details and will respond to a post asking for specific advice that is over a year old!! I just hope they read and pay attention to important things going on in the world and are not so oblivious in other aspects. I find it a kinda scary, really. But, mabye they are just bored and feel like writing. The worst are the ones that try to talk women out of abortions and the post is over a year old, duh, I think that point is moot.


Irritated - September 29

Its not that I get all upset over this. I dont have nightmares about it. Maybe I am just a "detail oriented" person. But if they are going to take the time to read the 1.5 year old post, and notice that it has 800 replies, most of which say STOP REPLYING POST IS A YEAR AND A HALF OLD. Yet they still post... Why dont they take the time to read a post that someone actually needs help with? Something that maybe someone has written in oh say... the past week??? Or month even!! But this is a pregnancy forum for 2nd trimester... We are only here a little over 3 months!!!


LOL - September 29

Man, don't you have other things to worry about? WTF! Get a life...


To irritated from AD - September 29

I totally agree with you. I just didn't have the energy to write a post about it! LOL


To LOL - September 29

Just the fact that you would write that.. doesnt it actually mean YOU should get a life???


LOL - September 29




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