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chiikiita - February 22

I'm abouut 16 weeks pregnant now. I've read and been told now is the time I can start to feel my baby kick. I felt all the fluttering and bubble that's suppose to be the baby. That was at 14 weeks until now. I can pretty much tell the difference now of gas and other things and my baby. A couple days ago and today (even as I type this) I feel more of a "kick." it's not a constant thing. I was laying down and felt the kick so I put my hand there and the baby kicked 2 or 3 more times. It's usually toward the right side near or right at the hair line. One of my friends said I was crazy and it was probably just gas, that it's too early to feel kicking. I could be right couldn't I?


hollyl2313 - February 23

Hi. What you are feeling probably is the baby. I'm also 16 weeks and this is my 4th baby. I started feeling movement at 14 weeks and about the same locations as you are feeling. Everybody is different from where the baby and uterus is positioned and also depending on your own body weight. I pretty much know when I will feel the baby move now, after I eat or drink something very cold. I hope this helps!


Krissy25 - February 23

With my first, i was for sure feeling kicks at about 18.5 weeks with my second i was for sure feeling them at 16.5 weeks, so yeah, that really could be the baby you are feeling.


tanyajean82 - March 12

sounds like the baby to me. I felt flutters at 15 weeks!! I knew it was the baby. It felt like i was in an elevator and i suddenly stopped.


kalinnmariee - June 13

i feel little thumps and bubbles in my tummy all the time. i never felt flutters though. i'm almost 20 weeks and just now started feeling the thumps. but it's my first pregnancy so i'm sure i just didn't know if i felt it or not! but now i know for sure :)


hotpinkrocks81 - June 25

I've been feeling flutters since about 13-14 weeks. This is my second baby, so I knew what it felt like. Now I'm 24 1/2 weeks, and we can see the movement from the outside.



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