I M Scared

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Heather - April 19

Hi! i'm really scared because i am 21 weeks pregnant and not showing at all, this is my first pregnancy so i really don't know whats going on, my tiny belly got my so worried. People tells me that is becuase my baby is not developing like it should, please i need some advice............. Thank you


Mimi - April 19

Have you seen your Doctor? What did he say?


Jennifer - April 19

If you are a small person to begin with, then you will probably not show as early as others, also it is your first, so you will not show as quickly. You will show eventually, you shouldn't be concerned, I am pregnant with my second and I didnt' show until week 20.


Sarah Anne - April 19

Heather- Sometimes your baby is in your back. As I have said on another post on here, I have a friend who was like that. She didnt show because her baby was in her back. She had a prefectly fine baby, too!! I am sure your baby is fine! Good luck!


~S~ - April 19

Heather...you shouldn't worry too much. If your a pet_te girl, you probably won't start to show until mid way through your sixth month. My gf was like that. She had no belly whatsoever until she hit 6 months and then BAM! It totally started to grow. As for myself, I too am 21 weeks and I'm hardly showing. i still fit into all my jeans, my skirts, most of my shirts (my b___bs have grown) My bf still doesn't believe how much I don't look pregnant, especially when I wear lingerie.Yup, I still fit into those too. I was worried like yourself, thinking "oh my god, is my baby developing properly????" but then I went for an ultrasound and everything is A-okay. The baby is growing at an excellent rate, it's actually 13 centimeters and it's developing everything very well. Then I went to see my doctor for my monthy checkup and a follow up after my ultrasound. She confirmed the results and said my baby is doing excellent. I questioned her about the lack of size in my belly and she said that there is nothing to worry about, just as long as the baby is growing properly and that it is. My suggestion to you is to ask for an ultrasound because your concerned or you want to ease your worries because it really does help to hear that everything is okay, from a professional.


Tarah - April 19

I am 25 weeks now and I just started showing! If your doctor hasn't said anything about you being too small or not gaining enough weight, I wouldn't worry about it. In a few weeks, your baby will most likely have a growth spurt and your belly will pop right out! Good luck and don't worry! =)


Phoebe - April 19

They can't tell how your baby is developing just by looking at you... don't listen to them. Did you have your ultrasound yet? There they measure your baby and you have proven fact...


Tarah - April 20

Phoebe- If she's going to her doctor regularly and they haven't told her there's something wrong with the way her baby is developing, I think she shouldn't worry! Doctors get paid to know about stuff like that! At 21 weeks, she should have already had at least 2 ultrasounds! If she's still worried, yeah, it would be a better idea to call her doctor and discuss it with him/her. Honestly though, I'm pretty sure they would know by now if there's something wrong. =)


NELLY - April 20



Julie - April 21

With my first baby I started showing at about 5 months and still wore my regular clothes until that time. Don't worry!


lisa - April 21

Dont worry. go to the dr and they will be able to see by a scan how you are developing. i am sure you are just a small person, babies can also lie in a strange way that you wont pop your stonach out. i am sure you are perfectly healthy!!


Pam - April 25

I wouldn't be alarmed unless the doctor feels that there is something to be worried about. Everyone's body reacts to pregnancy differently, and there is now certain time to start showing. I have 3 children and one one the way. I started showing at different times will all of them. With my daughter, I was still in my pr-pregnancy clothes until I was abou 7 months pregnant, but when I popped, I really popped. Good Luck :)


Heather - April 27

Thank you ladies for all of your answers, I really appreciated. My doctor knows i'm concerned about my tiny belly but she keeps on telling me that my baby is fine and she did the (I don't really know the name of the test) but is the test that's done w/ your blood to check up on the baby and everything seems fine, I asked my doctor about having another ultrasound but she told me is not neccesary, that i won't be able to have another ultrasound for a while, I had my first u/s when my baby was 7 weeks and 5 days and I really want to know how my baby looks now, I'm going to my next doctors appointment on Friday 4/29 , how could I ask her about another ultrasound?, Thank you guys


Jbear - April 28

Ask your doctor to show you how to feel the ridge in your abdomen made by your uterus. At 21 weeks it should be just above your belly b___ton. It's what the doctor checks for when she's measuring for fundal height. As long as you can feel that, you can rea__sure yourself that the baby's growing as it should. Also, maybe the reason the doctor doesn't want you to have another ultrasound yet is that your insurance limits the number of ultrasounds you can have. That's just a guess, but if it's the case, the doctor probably wants to wait and do an ultrasound a little later on, so that the baby will be more visible, and so that placenta previa can be ruled out. My doctor told me it's best to wait until the 24th week if you want to be able to tell the baby's gender.


heather - April 28

heather- dont worry different women show at different stages


Heather - April 28

thank you for your answer JBear. Tomorrow i have my doctors appointment so i'm going to ask her to show me how to feel the ridge in my abdomen. Thank you again I feel much better now with your answers, God bless you all!!!



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