I M So Confused When I Ll Be In 2nd Trimester Anyone

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dancegirl - June 7

ok, so as of friday of last week (june 2nd) i was a full 12 weeks pregnant (that is from my LMP, not conception). so i have 2 questions. am i considered in my 13th week or 12th week and when does the 2nd trimester begin ? all the online stuff gives different answers for what week i'm in and when 2nd trimester begins. some say week 12 and some say week 14. ack ! so confusing ! just want to know what week i'm in !


AmyF - June 7

My dr's office gave me those wheels you use to tell you how far along you are. I thought 12 weeks too, but I saw others say 14 too. It's a toss up really. Who knows. I think I started on this thread at 13 weeks, so I was in the middle :) LOL


NVgirl - June 7

From what my OBGYN told me -- 13 weeks startes your 2nd trimester and 26 weeks is the start of your 3rd trimester.


HannahBaby - June 7

i was told 14 for second trimester and 28 for second trimester


San_dee - June 7

my dr told me the same as NVgirl


Neets - June 8

Hi. At the end of your 13th wk, so beginning of your 14th.


Kim L - June 8

I'm with most of the others - most people I've talked to and my doctor say when you have completed 13 weeks (and beginning your 14th week), you are starting your second trimester.


dancegirl - June 8

thanks everyone ! i've concluded that tomorrow is my last day of week 13 so saturday i will be starting my 2nd trimester. woo hoo ! thanks again !


AutumnAmber - June 11

Hey dancegirl is this going to be the new thread that is continuing from your first post about any one 13 weeks? If so, YEA I found it....I hope the other ladies follow so we can chat somemore....I am doing fine, just very tired....this pregnacy is going SO SLOW, I feel like I am just starting...things are moving slow.. Well I hope you feel good.


kelley32 - June 11

I agree ... 2nd tri starts at 12 weeks gestation, which is 14 weeks LMP, so it's understanding how confusing it can be ... I still have 1 more week to go!



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