I M So Excited

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michelleodell - January 16

I felt the baby kick 4X this morning!!! I have been wondering when I would finally start feeling something. I felt the "little butterflies" once a couple of weeks ago. I get to have my first u/s tomorrow!! I am 19 weeks today. We are hoping to be able to see what the gender is. I hope the legs aren't crossed. Hee hee! Has anyone else had u/s and not been able to determine the s_x?


sarahd - January 16

Congrats Michelle! It's so wonderful when you really KNOW it's baby, isn't it? I'm not much help on the u/s, because here in Canada (BC at least) you aren't allowed to find out the gender unless you're more than 24 weeks, and my u/s was at 18w4d.


TamaraAngel - January 16

YAY! That's awesome! Let us know after the u/s tomorrow what the gender is! Do you have a preference??


Tracy88 - January 16

I was told at 17 weeks it is a girl. She seemed pretty cooperative that day. I had another U/S yesterday, during which she was a little less cooperative, but the tech still said she thinks it's a girl. Yesterday she just didn't get too great of an all-important b___t shot. She said she didn't see any hint of boy parts though, soooooo.......... It's really just luck of the draw on whether the baby will be in the right positions. I go back in another month for monitoring, so I will ask again to re-check the gender.


laurenl - January 16

Congratulations! Now you will start to feel the baby a lot. I'm 24 weeks. I had my first u/s at about 19 and a half weeks. My baby actually put her hand between her legs when they looked. So I was thinking, "Ok, sounds like a boy if it's already putting it's hand between it's legs." haha..so we got to go back to have another u/s because they could not check a few other things because of the way she was positioned. We went back for the second and sure enough...IT'S A GIRL!!! Good luck...they can be stubborn :)


michelleodell - January 16

It is the most wonderful feeling. Of course I thought it was a gas bubble when I felt the first bump, but when it happened 3 more times... DH and I want a boy! I had said I didn't want to find out but DH wants to and so does everyone else in our family. Now I want to just as bad as he does. Hee hee! It's amazing when you really come to the realization there is someone else there!!! Aside from the heartburn which keeps me from being able to sleep, GRRR... I absolutely LOVE being preggo. The 1st tri wasn't bad, but I was tried and nauseous all the time. It sometimes seems like the time is flying by and then other times I'm wanting to rush things on. This is my first, so I guess everyone goes through that. I started a journal this month and I find myself getting anxious to write down when things happen and I worry when I think things should be happening faster.



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