I M So Jealous Of All Of You And I M Starting To Worry

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Cad0587 - February 14

I'm going to be 22 weeks on Saturday. TWENTY TWO WEEKS! and I haven't felt the baby move AT ALL... atleast not that I know of but I'm almost positive that I have not. I'm also hardly showing. Isn't this weird? I keep hearing everyone say oh I've been feeling the baby move since 18 weeks blah blah and I'm like what the h__l, I don't even feel pregnant. I wanna feel the baby move or atleast look pregnant so I can feel pregnant! My next doctors appointment is on the 23rd and I hate to wait till then to hear the heartbeat, I just want a sign of my baby! please... everyone... start telling me not to worry... starrrrrrting NOW. haha :0)


suze42 - February 14

DONT WORRRRY! Why dont you ask the doc if you can come in tomorrow just to hear the heart beat. My ob let me do it and it was such a relief. Also, if this is your first baby its not abnormal not to show very much OR feel the baby. You may be feeling the baby but not recognize it. Mine never feel like flutters as they say, my felt more like a little pop or gas bubble first...then kinda like a small muscle spasm. Call your doc and tell her/him that you need some peace of mind!!! Okay, will you call tomorrow??


TinaSos - February 14

I'm in the same boat, I'm 20 weeks and not sure if I felt the baby move yet. I also don't feel as if I'm pregnany, except when i have gas build up like today. I'm not really showing either. I have heard the heartbeat. Don't worry its all normal. Everyone is different.


ophelia73 - February 14

Don't worry. I am 23 weeks, and didn't really start feeling movement that I knew was FOR SURE the baby until around 19 or 20 weeks. I was worried b/c everyone else seemed to have been feeling it so early. It could be that your placenta is anterior (in the front), or if you are overweight it might take longer, too. I agree with suze42, mine never felt like flutters. It felt like, and still feels like little thumps against the inside of my belly.


Cad0587 - February 14

haha thanks. It's like... I know I shouldn't worry I really do but still a little part of me does which is normal I know. I've heard the heartbeat and have had many ultrasounds every time I go to the doctors and everything is always normal and fine and I know there is nothing wrong, I just really wish I could feel the baby. I have that bebe sounds thingy and I know most people don't hear the heartbeat this soon with that thing and I haven't either but I keep trying. Ah well, I know I shouldn't worry, I'm gonna try not to!


krissy1980 - February 14

Cad..DONT WORRY..I didn't feel a thing until 22 weeks acually..This is my first..I am currently 27 and 1/2 weeks and still only feel him at times, even though his heartbeat and all is good..I don't feel him ALL the time like ppl say..It will come, trust me..


StarsMoon - February 15

That's so funny... I was just complaining to hubby about thats how I felt in my first pregnancy. Didn't look pg, didn't feel pg. Infact, I was out mowing our yard up till 32 wks. I FELT GR8... Now, I am currently 26 wks, with our second baby and feel like I'm dying. I'm sore around the ribs, my hips have sharp pains when I move in certain ways, and I feel out of breathe all the time. Not to mention, can't sleep right and get comfortable when i sit on the couch. And to bend over and tie my 4 yr old's shoes, is a real chore.. And, like you, I didn't feel the baby really, really move till I was around 24-26 wks, but he did, and it felt like he pushed my insides out. I would lay down on the couch and put the remote on my belly, and we could watch him make it roll from side to side. He would stretch out and push. And this time, she is down down low. It gets me nausious when she is in her moving mode. Some of my insides feel like a bell that goes ding. You know, how it would vibrate. This has turned out to be a very very different pregnancy. God, my first one was AWESOME..... I say, don't sweat it. It'll come in all due time. Enjoy it now, cause it really isn't that easy to get around when you are not very mobile due to pains... Really enjoy it, cause time is going by so fast....


IrinaZ - February 15

Cad0587, I wouldn't worry about it. If you don't even feel that you are pregnant - you are doing great! Trust me, if something would be wrong - you'd know it. You might not feel your baby for many reasons - if your placenta is attached to the front of the uterus, rather than the back, your weight. Besides some babies are just not that active:)



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