I M Worried About My Weight

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bloodlust - March 8

Well..to start things off...I'm 18 weeks pregnant. Before I found out I was pregnant, I suffered from bulimia. I found out I was pregnant at around 12 weeks. As soon as I discovered I was, I stopped purging. I've been struggling with weight and bulimia since I was 13 years old. But...suprisingly, I haven't had the urge to purge up anything since finding out my big news. I mean, it's a little hard seeing my body change, I won't lie but I've managed to make it through all right for the health of my child. Anyway, I haven't been to a doctor yet (my appointment is next Monday..due to getting denied for medicaid and then having to wait weeks on end as we fought them for me to be approved) but I'm worried I'm gaining way too much weight. In November (apparantly when I conceived) I weighed roughly around 100 lbs (and 5'6 which is highly unhealthy, I now realize). I was skin and bones. But since finding out I was pregnant...I'm almost 150 lbs! And it seems like I've gained 15 lbs in the last three weeks. Is my body making up for all the abuse that I've done to myself? Is this going to level off? I mean, I want to gain weight so that my baby will but my god, I've never been so big in my life or felt like such a whale lol. And the funny thing is, I eat pretty normally (I indulge in a little junk here and there but nothing extremely major). I realize I'm going to gain more weight but is it possible I'm going to go up to 200 lbs? This pregnancy isn't even half way over. What should I do? Not worry? Will it be hard to lose afterwords? My fiance and mother are going to help me lose the weight in healthy ways after the baby is born so that I don't fall back into my old ways (I have to be healthy for my baby) but it's kind of getting to me. Thanks for reading. Any advice or just words of encouragement are much appreciated. Also, should I be concerned enough to say something to my doctor at my appt?


falafal0 - March 8

Hi bloodlust, you're brave to be honest - others wouldn't. You sound like you are mature enough to realise that the health of your unborn child is more importnat at this time, again, others wouldn't! It sounds to me that yes, your body is healing itself after the abuse, and is becoming fit and strong to carry your baby, which is living off you so needs the best. Don't forget, at 5'6, your normal weight shouldn't be under 120 pounds, and up tp 150 pounds to be considered 'normal weight' if your aren't pregnant - but obviously being pregnant you will go over that. (Looked up a website about weight)...Because you are now at 150 pounds, its fine - though considering how light you were before, you must be having a hard time with it all. I know women who have gained enormous amounts of weight while pregnant then work afterwards to get it off, and other who gain only s few pounds and still have a healthy baby - alot to do with genetics and your health at the time and ech pregnancy is SO different and how it affects you. I think you should definately tell you doctor and she will test you to make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals for both you and baby. You didn't find out until 12 weeks, wow. Try not to worry, most of the time your body will give what ever you have first to the baby then you come last, so doctors can check and when the ultrasounds happen you can see how bub is. Try to be as healthy as you possibly can, and feel good about bringing new life into the world. The bosy truly is miraculous and hopefully during this time your body will be healing as well. Don't forget that it's not always 'fat' that your gaining - from a website about pregnancy "The remaining weight consists of a higher fluid volume, larger b___sts, larger uterus, amniotic fluid, and the placenta. Make sure to visit your doctor throughout your pregnancy for an a__sessment of your weight gain. Your doctor can make recommendations about how much weight you should be gaining to ensure that your pregnancy is progressing smoothly and that you are getting the right amount of nutrients." So baby is surely there weighing in, but there are heaps of other factors - don't worry too much. You've been so used to being thin for so long the transition will be very difficult. It's wonderful that you have the support of your mother and fiance. Please take care and know that others will be behind you when needed. I am 16 weeks with my fourth baby, and put on different amounts of weight with each one. And honestly, for most women it is hard to lose the weight afterwards - it just depends on how committed you are. Breastfeesing helps slot, and you have the prefect excuse to go walking with baby in the pram! Please talk to your doctor to let them know how to give you the BEST treatment available - a mother has only one chance for her baby before they are born, and that's when they are responsible for them 100%. Good luck and I hope all goes well for you...


Krista - March 9

I'm almost 15 weeks and have gained about 10 lbs...I feel like this is WAY too much and I'm dying...seeing my body go to hell....but just keep in mind that you'll get your figure back once the baby is born...we cant worry about it too much while we're prego...but make sure you get back to a "healthy weight" after...probably more like 145 would be better for you than 100! Wow! I'm only 5'2" and my normal weight is around 120...I got down to 117 and people started asking me if I had an eating disorder! so you probably looked WAY too skinny!! Good luck...I'm SO glad you're gaining for your baby..it shows that you're willing to give up so much for your little one...that is so precious =)


miraclebaby - March 9

your probably gaining normal body weight just from eating, nothing even to do with pregnancy, with my first child I never ate junk food I smoked and exercised everyday prior to pregnancy and was 111lbs when I delivered I gained over 52olbs and alot of that was quiting smoking non exercise and eating a normal meal. Maybe this will also help with your bulimia, don't go back to it after your child needs its mother good luck to you :) :) :) :)



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