I Made It 12 Weeks

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JAE - February 12

Well I made it to 12 weeks & after 2 previous miscarriages I am so relieved to be here..... any other mums due August 28th? Im happy because I had bad m/s until 10 weeks but it seems to be easing off now, most of my other symptoms have eased aswell except Im always tired..... I have my first hospital appointment tomorrow & im so excited...... how is everyone else at 12 weeks going? would love to hear from you all......


iakram - February 13

Hi Jae! Congratulations :) I'm very happy to hear things are working out great for you. 12 weeks is a real milestone for us ladies. I'm currently well almost 16 weeks - but I wanted to wish you all the best. I'm due early Aug. but I share your feeling on the MC - I had one as well and I was walking on egg shells till the 12th week. Hope you're feeling better from the M/S the worst is probably over now take care :)


ChrissyJ - February 13

Congratulations!!!!I had a mc back in 2003 so I am worried 2.I will be 13 wks tomorrow and I am so excited;)I am due on Aug 22nd.I've heard the heartbeat 2 times already but I still worry all the time.I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.


Aim - February 13

Hi Jae, I had one previous m/c and am 12 weeks too! I am due Aug. 27th! I had m/s as well, but seem to be feeling better lately. I still get nervous, but feel better since we already heard the heartbeat! Congratulations, and good luck! :-)


Yvette - February 13

Hi Ladies...I'm also due August 27 and I know what you mean about being relieved...I have also been feeling soooo much better--energy is back and m/s all gone...woooo hooooo! Does anyone know when 2nd tri starts? Is it week 14?


JAE - February 14

wow it all feels so official when you go & book into the hospital, i couldnt get the smile off my face..... i always thought the 2nd trimester started at the 12th week but i was reading a magazine in the hospital today and it said 14 weeks? so im not sure Yvette..... so how is everyones husbands/ partners going? my partner is so excited he is very eager for me to get a big bump... im really enjoying this pregnancy because i can share all these wonderful milestones with him, i raised my 7 year old son as a single parent for 5 years so its really nice to have him there....... where are you all from? im from Sydney, Australia & im 26 yrs old........ take care ladies


tab - February 14

Hi ladies, I am 13 weeks this week and I am just beginning to get excited. I heard the hb at 12 weeks and waiting for another u/s to find out the s_x. I am already feeling movements, I started feeling them at 10 weeks. Anyone else feel them yet? My dr told me it was normal for some women to feel them early. I think maybe it was early, cause at 8 weeks my baby measure 10 weeks. Maybe this is going to be a big baby. Yvette, I know what you mean, m/s is no joke, mine is gone too, I am still fatigue though and my b___st tenderness is not bad. I haven't gained any weight yet, but I am already showing good. My uterus is a little below my navel. Is that normal?


Yvette - February 14

Well I am from California and I'm 26 years old. I have no idea about where my uterus should be, actually, i cant even feel it, i dont really know what to feel for, lol...anyway, Tab, i cant believe you are already feeling movements...lucky!! I cant wait to feel my munchkin move! We heard the hb at 10 1/2 weeks...what an amazing feeling!:)


Michelle C - February 15

hey girls, ill be 12 weeks on friday but im so exited i couldnt wait till then to get on 2nd trimester. Ive had 3 miscarriages and yesterday i had my sono and it was amazing, the baby was doing all kinds of flips and was moving around like crazy. i guess i finally feel like im in the clear after all ive been through, me and my dh are so excited and cant wait to be fat!!! the heartbeat was 147bpm so all my friends say its a boy...i wonder if they'll be right! i feel great no ms my b___bs hurt less and im less tired. my due date is sept 3, im 25 from brooklyn. talk to ya later!! good luck!!


Yummy_Mummy86 - February 15

Yay for US!!! Im 13 weeks, due the 23rd of August. Im only 19 and this is my first pregnancy, it was a hard choice to make but im enoying it already. Glad to say the morning sickness is behind me and i wont miss it one bit! I am feeling a tighter abdomen thou, i think its just the uterus stretching, may i ask if you are showing yet? Becoz i am and i was wondering if that was normal? Just wanna say, im so sorry to hear bout ur previous miscarriages but im over the moon for you with this pregnancy, good luck.


Jae - February 17

hey yummy mummy..... love the name LOL.... I am starting to show but i heard that its very common to show earlier with your second pregnancy..... i will tell you I had my first son when I was 19 and i didnt regret it for a moment, its hard work but the advantage is your young, fit and healthy to keep up with your child...... i wish i could say m/s was behind me but its not, ive also developed a urinary tract infection and heartburn so im feeling really yuck at the moment...... man im loving being pregnant my man is spoiling me so much, i love the attention.......take care


Tanna - February 19

JAE, I am due August 28th!


Melody - February 24

Hi ladies! I am due on Aug 23rd.


Motherof3 - February 24

Hey girls, I'm due August 26th Anyone feel like talking I have AIM purpliciousvixen


Jae - February 26

Hi motherof3... can I ask what is AIM pupliciousvixen? How are we all doing anyway ladies? 14 weeks today and counting.......



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