I Passed A Goey Glob Of Snot Was It A Mucus Plug

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Lorie - May 2

Hi everyone. I had a discharge today that I wasn't sure about, so I just wanted to get some opinions on it. I'm 25 weeks and have not had any type of discharge like this at all, until today. I felt like I was leaking/starting a period/like pee was coming out (sorry so graphic) well, i went to bathroom to urinate, and when I wiped I had a big glob of sticky, clear, snotty looking stuff, about the size of a quarter, that easily stretched from one side of the toilet paper to the other. There was no pain or smell associated with it. I thought maybe it could be pregnancy discharge because I read that some where, but when I started researching ... I came across mucus plug ... could I have lost it this early or do you think I am just beginning to experience pregnancy discharge? THANKS


lyn - May 2

no it is just discharge. I get it like a day or two after we have had s_x. but it is normal i promise.


kristi - May 2

hi lorie im only 14 weeks and ever since i was 6 weeks i have the same thing from day to day it is almost like a egg white but doc told me it was just a mucus protecting the cervis


bump - May 2



Jbear - May 3

I've had that several times. You should ask your doctor, but I think if it's the mucus plug, it will have some blood in or on it.


naomi - May 3

Hello, I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been getting that snot like discharge as well on and off usaly a day or two after s_x as well. From what I have read it is normal to have.Thankyou for bringing it up


Jill - May 3

Personally I would have it checked out by your Dr. I had that same thing happen to me with my first pregnancy at 29 week and everyone told me it was normal and I went into labor the next day and they couldn't get my contractions stopped and I delivered at 29 weeks. It may be nothing but it is not worth the risk.


Jill - May 3

That's so early for a baby to come. Was your baby ok? I saw a site with premies who were born at 25 weeks and it was so sad, all that the little ones had to endure. But the parents all say that their babies were fighters and and didn't give up. Also, how did you know you were in labor and needed to get to the doctor? I mean because you're not expecting it that early.


Jill - May 4

I was having a lot of abdominal pain or contractions Went in and was 3 centimeters dialated. by that evening they couldn't be stopped and he was born. It was very scary and unexpexted he spent over a month in the NICU before coming home and when he did come home he was 3 lbs and 14 ounces (very tiny). I am currently pregnant and pray I can carry this baby to term. But I always advise people to not take any chances. If you feel something isn't right get it checked out No ? is a dumb ?.



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