I Quot M Not Showing At All Yet Should I Be Worried

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Nicole - January 12

I am in my second trimester and and almost 15 weeks, but even if I suck in my stomach I can't see a thing!! Is this a bad sign, and is anyone else experiencing this?


yungmama - January 12

Everyone is different. Don't worry, I started showing around 15 weeks. However, My aunt is pregnant also, she is due around the same time as me and is 23wks and still not showing AT ALL. Like I said, everyone is different, just give it some time.


bean - January 12

Nicole - on average, women start showing at about 20 weeks. That's when the uterus grows up to your belly b___ton, and your waistline disappears. Many women talk about "popping out" right around weeks 20-22. Enjoy it while you're still skinny! Only a month left!


Allyson - January 12

i am the same way i will be 15 weeks 2 morrow n no belly :-( but the heart beat is strong so i guess everything is ok i HOPE! hope everything is ok with u also!


Dia - January 12

Hi ladies. I am almost 19 weeks and am still not really showing. I have a poochy lower belly that is kind of firm, but look like I just gained some weight! Your not alone :)


L - January 12

I'm currently 27 wks and just started to show with clothes on. I was 24weeks on Christmas and wore regular clothes to my parents house. My mom gave me maternity pants and they were way to big. I have since popped out over night and all I can wear are maternity pants. Incidentally, my u/s have shown my baby to be of normal size. This is my first and I did have extremely strong abs so I think that attributed to it.


livdea - January 12

I'm 14 weeks and I look really thick...is that normal? I was underweight when I got pregnant and now I don't really have my waist any more but not really a belly, just a little pouch that really only I notice.


Kt - January 12

Im 24 weeks and I just started showing a couple weeks ago. I mean really showing.


Bilikis - January 13

I wil be 20weeks tomorrow my belly still not show. just take cool everything is ok. We are different. Good luck.


Tess - January 13

Don't worry too much. Every pregnancy is diff. and every women is diff. even if its your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th pregnancy. Im a 1st time mommie and I didnt start to show til I was 19 wks pg. I was a little chubby to start w/ so it was kinda hard to tell too...I am now 22 wks pg and it seems like I ate 2 watermelon. HEHEHEHE


tara - January 13

Don't worry, Nicole. No one was able to tell I was pregnant until about 18 or 19 weeks, but I have grown alot between weeks 20 and 24. Don't worry, you'll seem to grow overnight in the very near future.



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