I Really Am Pregnant Amazing

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Cher - May 17

I am almost 16 wks and live in Canada. I finally got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time today:) It was heart melting...It makes everything so real ....I really am pregnant and I do have a baby in me...I just had to share how happy this day was for me. You gals in America are lucky to get a few u/s and hear the heartbeat....my first u/s isn't until June 20th....and I cannot wait for that day!


Kara - May 17

Congratulations :-)


Sarah - May 17

Congratulations!! It truly is amazing isn't it! =)


Mythili - May 17

I am also living in Canada. I am now 14 weeks. Got my first ultrasound when I was 8 weeks. I will be going in for the 2nd ultrasound next week as well. Also According to the doc he will schedule one when I am 19 weeks as well. I guess it all depends on the gynocologist you are seeing.


Jennifer - May 17

Congratulations!!! It is the best sound in the world isn't it. I also live in Canada, and I would have onlt gotten one Ultrasound at around 20 weeks, but they found a Cyst on the Baby's liver, it is nothing to worry about they tell me, so I get to go for an ultrasound every 5 weeks so they can monitor it to make sure it is not changing. I think it depends on where in Canada you live to see how many ultrasounds you get, Mythili is lucky, because anyone I know only gets one unless there is a reason for more.


Kaly - May 17

Congratulationss Cher, it's a lovely feeling and always the best part of every doctor's visit. Ofcourse, nothing beats the u/s though, hope you can convince your doc into giving you one earlier. Best Wishes.


Lissi - May 17

Isn't it an amazing feeling whe you finally get that real comfirmation that you are pregnant. I didn't truly believe it either until I saw it at the 12 wk scan. Congratulations! :)


Cher - May 18

Thanks gals:) It really was amazing...now I am waiting to feel baby...I think there have been some flutters but I have a 2 year old that keeps me busy...so I think I might not be really recognizing those first flutters until they are kicks:) Congrats to all of you too!!


V - May 18

congrats Cher! I too live in Canada more specifically Calgary, AB. I got to hear the heart beat at 13wks and almost cried! It was more amazing to see it at my u/s which was the n...translucency or something like that. I had the option of doing that test or the triple screening blood test. What have you had done? I am now 15wks and have 3 more to go till I see my babe again. How are you gals all feeling. Except for my back and some occasional headaches I am doing great!


Jaime - May 18

Yes it is great isnt it! I know it took me a little while for it to actually sink in and i dont think it did really till i seen my baby on that screen at our first u/s....Good luck with your u/s!


Jodie - May 19

How wonderful to hear someone excited about their pregnancy, im so sick of all the threads where women do nothing but complain about it. Congrats Cher, only one more month before you get to see your lil one for the first time :)



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