I See Lots Of Newbies On Here Baby Names

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TamaraAngel - February 9

Welcome to the second trimester board... and congrats! I know there was a post like this several weeks ago... but for the new comers... what names have you picked out for your baby? I love hearing baby names, seeing trends, and getting ideas! I still haven't officially decided yet but i'm thinking of naming my baby boy Tyler Christopher. Even those of you who are not so new... have you decided on a name? :o)


Katz - February 9

Hello! I am 13 wks, 1 day. We have decided on Keirra Leigh for a girl and Noah William for a boy! I cannot wait to find out what we are having. I want to start calling this baby by its names!!! Thanks for the warm welcome!!!


excited2bemama - February 9

Hello- I am 23 weeks.. and this is too funny- but we are naming out little girl Keira Joyce- And until Katz posted I haven't heard that anyone else was using that name!!!


lily10 - February 9

I'm not new either, but I want to share since we only had a boys named picked out and we found out I'm having a girl. So far we like Kayla for the first name and we don't have a middle name picked out yet. Does anyone have any suggestions??


aliciavr6 - February 9

22w, having a girl - avelyn lucille


jessicaspatherapist - February 9

i'm 16 weeks, if its a boy we like Nathan, Nathaniel, and Tobias, if its a girl we like Hailey and Makena.....Lily10, how about Kayla Marie (my sister is Kara Marie and I'm Jessica Marie)....


jendean00 - February 9

20 weeks, We are having a little girl. We have not officially settled on her name but so far we have Lynnsie Brooke, Brooke-Lynn. We can't decide, we both love Brooke but I want to use Lynn because it is a family name on both sides.


BiancaM - February 9

Hi, I'm 13 weeks today. We aren't sure but we are thinking if we have a girl we are naming her Finley Isabella and if it's a boy it's going to be Callum Finn, Ethan Finn, Mathias Finn, Emerson Finn, or Liam Finn lol we can't decide. We are using Finn after my grandmother her name is Finnboga. Oh and which boy name do you girls like the best?


jessicaspatherapist - February 9

bianca, out of your boy names i like liam, ethan and matthias......


BiancaM - February 9

Thanks Jessica :)


StarWms - February 9

I am 17w 4 days and I am naming my little girl Mikeryia Pitts


ejmeskan - February 9

Bianca I think those are all cool names. I think I like Callum the best. I am struggling with boys names. We don't/aren't finding out the s_x of the baby (I am 26 weeks). If it is a girl we will her Elle (L) Marie but if it is a boy I don't a clue. My husband really really like Beau Anthony but that may be pushing it for me. What does everyone else think? it is one of those names where if I heard it for someone else I would love it but it will be pushing it for me to do it.


lily10 - February 9

Bianca, I like liam finn. I actually think Finn would make a great first name as well.


JolieLucker - February 9

hey ladies.. im 17wks today, we found out a week ago today were having a little girl... we had her name picked out for a bit.. Kennedy Faye Lucker


JolieLucker - February 9

ps if it was going to be a boy we were naming him Etahn Mitchell(DH name)


bvue - February 9

I am 17 wks and if it is a boy, we are going with Christopher and if it is a girl Sunshine.


Maggie - February 9

My edd is July 4, and we are having a boy!!! His name is Thomas Daniel. I already have a 6 year old son, James Peter and a 1 year old daughter, Kathleen Mary. Good luck everyone!



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