I Think I Just Felt The Baby Move

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janine - May 12

I just felt somthing like a few slight pushes against the right side of by belly. I am 17 weeks and havent felt a thing before this. I was just sitting at my computer at work and felt like 3 little "bumps" inside my belly...do you think this was the baby moving?


nm - May 12

It could be. For me, It feels like bubbles popping.


D - May 12

could be... I don't think of the movement like most descriptions go... it doesnt feel like bubbles or tickling to me. It feels more like a little spot of the uterine tissue is stretching... I describe it this way: You know what it looks like when a kid puts a pillowcase over their head? (I had one I was babysitting do this, then beg to be tickled...) there's this arm, then that elbow poking out on the fabric... I imagine that going on inside me... and that's kinda what it feels like.


~S~ - May 12

It could be....Like "nm" I felt bubbles popping. I now feel strong nudges, but I'm 25 weeks.


Lesley Ann - May 16

I am 17 weeks today (May 16) and two days ago I felt the baby for the first time and everyday since. For me it was like a little b___terfly moving around in one area of my tummy. Big bubbles moving around is another good way to explain it. It's great!!!


Janine - May 16

there is nothing like feeling the baby move, its the best feeling ever, i wish my husband could feel it too...hopefully soon i will be getting kicks so he can feel it..


Heidi - May 16

I've felt this too. I'm almost 18 wks and actually I've felt it for a few weeks but pa__sed it off as gas or digestion but the last few days I've had very obvious movements. They're kind of below my belly b___ton on the left side of my lower stomach. I'd describe mine like someone is on the inside and flicking at my stomach with it's fingers! Just kind of a thud feeling in there. I notice it most when I'm standing and I know it's not my stomach cus that's obvious when it's growling or rumbling. This is much lower and when it does it, it does it a few times before it quits. I can really notice when I'm in bed laying on my tummy. I can feel these little thumps in there. Probably the baby saying, get off me!!!!!


lyn - May 16

yeah I would say that is the baby moving. I never had the "bubbles popping" thing though. It has always felt like something moving inside me. But hey I can feel when I ovulate so...When she first started moving it felt like she was clawing to get out, but now I can tell what body part of hers is moving.


Desiree - May 16

Hey ladies... i felt the little bubbles popping in my tummy when the baby moved...it was so awkward... but really exciting..i too wish my husband could feel it... but soon he will be able to...


Sunbeam - May 16

Where did you feel the bubbles popping in your lower belly or above your belly b___ton?


K - May 16

I am 18 weeks...and pregnant with twins and can feel it when one moves and then the other..like my guts are moving. I also starting feeling "b___terflies" back in my 14th week.



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