I Think Im Pregnant But Im Not Sure HELP ME Im Only 15-pg17

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cjewelz17 - September 13

I lost my Virginity Jan.29,2004 I had my period about 2 times after i had s_x but its now May.3,2004 and i dont have my period. Not having my period is not really new to me though because ive never had a regular date 4 my period but recently ive notice my stomach getting big and i have a flat stomach, i constantly wanna eat things i didnt like in the past and always have to go use the Br. Ive also been really itchy down there. am i prag.?? HELP ME


Hilary - June 8

Not necessarily! Did you take a pregnancy test?


Marie - June 8

You need to see your doctor. Because you are not regular it's hard to say, you could possible be preg. The itching down there is not normal, this could be an yeast infection. It doesn't sound like you used a condon, you can catch anything?


leanne - June 12

For your sake I hope you are not preg. If you are old enough to be engaging in s_xual intercours you should be aware that without condom use you could cath all kinds of nast infections from your partners,some life threatening. I would take a trip to see the Doc ASAP to cheak for STD's as well as pregnancy. And ALWAYS use protection!!!!


Bec - June 17

If your to scared or shy to see a doctor, get a home pregnancy test from the supermarket. Then you'll know exactly where you stand. If it turns out that you are, dont stress and dont do anything rash. I am 16 and pregnant and i thought everything was over but it turned out i worried alot about nothing. You are young but you might have to roll with the punches and step up. It's not as hard as you think !!! there are , beleive it or not, worse things!! good luck girl ! xoxxo


lulu - June 18

if you say your period was never constant chances are you are not. but just to be sure you should always get checked


Kristin - June 19

hey im also 15 and i think im pregnant too it seems like you may be pregnant but i've like had my period 2 times this month and my mother said that could be a sign of pregnancy also but what do i know?


juley - June 24

Hello cj , if you are having periods even if they are not every month you can still get pregnant, if i was you i would go to the doctors and have a pregnancy test , because if you are you will need some suport good luck honey xx


Jessica Creech - June 24

If you are pregnant or even think you may be you need to go to the doctor just to make sure and if you are the baby needs vitamins. It is unlikely that you are pregnant since you have already had 2 periods, but you still need to go even for being unregular.


amanda - July 1

yes my dear, you probably are pregnant. sorry i know it sux, but obviously theres nothing you can do now. stop being selfish and wanting to have s_x all the time and start worrying about what your parents and surronding people think of u.


Lella - July 7

First of all if you are not having your periods than what else could it be? unless you have amenorreah or whatever, than you are probablly. Just take a pregnancy test and if you are to shy to see a doctor than just take care of yourself and eat healthy and know that there is a person inside of you and you shouldn't be selfish, you should care for yourself cause you will be caring for your baby!


T-J - July 7

have you tried a pregnancy test yet? if not i would advise you to do so. If you have understanding parents i would advise you to try and speak to them if not if u have any older brothers or sisters who can accompany you to a family planning doctor or clinic this would be a great help for you so you can find out whether you are pregant or not. I got pregnant at14 and my sister lost twins when i was having my baby so i sacrifised my baby to my sister because i cared for her so much my neice does not know as my sister brought her up away from me. This broke my heart but PLEASE think about what you are going to do as you may not get another chance. Good Luck !


Preggo Nurse - July 8

You need to get a pregnacy test. You could be having a pseudo pregnacy due to the fact that you have it in your mind that you ARE pregnant. Do a test and take it from there. However the weight gain could be bloating and the food cravings could be from your period. If you are itchy though you need to see a doctor for medication for a yeast infection. DO A PREGNANCY TEST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Most health departments will give them to you free and cannot tell your parents due to the new hippa laws.


Jess - July 22

Well thats scary that you think you may be Pregnate mean while your only 15. thats pretty rough. I'm only 16 and I'm in the same situation. But I think the best thing to do it is go get a pregnacy test. And if Postive think of you opinions, and make a doctors appointment to make sure everything is okay. But If your not take it as a lesson learned. S_x may be fun.. But it can also be dangerous with everything in this world these days. Well good luck


Kat - July 24

Im only 13 and in the same problem. I've been having my period but its been very light and I only got it last year so skipping is still normal for me. but its been about 3 months and my belly has a tiny bump. Im afraid of taking a pregnancy test because im afraid of the results. And Im afraid to tell someone. What do I do?


Kat - July 24

Im only 13 and in the same problem. I've been having my period but its been very light and I


marie0914 - July 31

i lost my virginity around april.since then i have hadabout 4 periods.like normal periods.but my mom told me that just because you have your periods still doesnt mean your not pregnant so i mean can i be pregnant even though i've had my normal periods.PLEASE HELP ME.



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