I Think My Dr Is WRONG

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Nervousmommy2b - October 25

I am convinced that my doctor has my due date wrong. I think I am further along than she is saying. When they say that the baby measures 6 weeks, is that with the added 2 weeks? I know for a fact my last period was July 6th. So my quesiton is, when she said the baby measured 6 weeks that means I'm 6 weeks along, right? No need to add those 2 weeks to that? Thanks ladies!


Tory1980 - October 26

What 2 weeks? As for measuring 6 weeks this confuses me - did you mean 16? If so then that would be correct from your LMP. If you are measuring 6weeks then you didn't fall pregnant until around the 22nd September.


swollenangel - October 26

Yip! I agrees with Tory - if your last period was July 6th - then you would be exactly 16weeks now... and that includes that 2weeks... hope that helps =)


Nervousmommy2b - October 26

Yeah I made the 2 weeks thing sound complicated, sorry. I read somewhere that you are actually 2 weeks further along then when you actually concieved....I might have gotten my information mixed up though. I just know for a fact that my last period was July 6th, which would make me 16 weeks...but my Dr. say's I'm only 14 weeks. So thats why I'm confused....I just don't know what the chances of her being wrong are. Thanks!


Tory1980 - October 26

If the scan is showing baby measuring 14weeks then that would mean you fell pregnant a lot later than expected and that is why they have been moved. If however she is going by LMP then you are definitely 16weeks and I would ask her why she thinks you are further behind than you are expecting to be. Two weeks is a huge difference - especially when it comes time for delivery/induction.


Gemini_Girl - October 26

Hi, I know how you feel, my midwife went with the size of the baby for dating even though I knew my exact LMP, I was so disappointed to have went from almost 14wks to 12wks (this was discovered at my 12wk scan) i asked her to double check, but she said the size was correct and this is what they go on,at my 20wk scan the baby was measuring almost exact to their dates - so maybe they were right, but who knows, the due date is never going to be exact but both dates will be in your notes.


BriannasMummy - October 27

Is your doctor getting this info from an u/s or just from out of the air? I know that U/s's can be very accurate in the first part of your pregnancy. I was like you.. I knew exactly when my LMP was, however, my first u/s put me 2 weeks behind the dates that corresponded with LMP. I believe that I ovulated late in my cycle, which is the case with a lot of pregnancies. Sometimes the LMP means almost nothing when dating a pregnancy. ~Kristin~


sammommy - October 27

Hi Everyone :) A lot of doctors will count from your day of ovulation, not your LMP. That would make sense as to why they are 2 weeks less than you. Next time you see them, ask which date they are using, ovulation or menstruation. I wish everyone in the medical community would come to a consensus and use the same date. It would make things so much less confusing for us :) Technically, you are 14 weeks gestational and 16 weeks menstrual. Hope that helps :)


Skyla - October 29

Most of the time it doesn' t matter. If they go by LMP you will be prgnant for a total of 40wks. If they go by just the size of the baby you should be pregnant for less than that (minus the 2 wks from LMP to Ovulation) so about 38wks. If that makes sense. My mom still doesn't understand that whole thing. She just says tell me how many months. She can't figure out how far along I am by wks.



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