I Ve Made It 14 Weeks Today

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debbie80 - March 2

Well I have finally made it to the second trimester. After 2 years of trying and 2 m/c this third pregnancy has be right on track. My question is this- I am already showing...and I mean showing. I am very pet_tie 5'1 and 110lbs well now I am up to 114lbs lol but I didnt think people start to show until 5 months or so? Its so obvious that I am prego...and now my stomach is starting to get hard-is this normal? This is my first and I have never gotten this far before..any help and advise would be wonderful. Thank you ladies =)


mommy fin - March 2

CONGRATS!!!!!!! I have had two little girls. With both of them no one know I was pregnant until I told them . I am plus size women and lost weight with both of them. My stomach got hard at about 12 weeks with both and people thought I was really working out a lot, HA,HA sound to me like you are heding in the right direction. People show at all diffrent times and I think if you are showing , Show it off!!!!!!!


pregnant76 - March 2

Congratulations debbie! Isn't it a great feeling? I think pet_te women show much sooner. I'm also 5'1" (118 lbs pre-pregnancy) and I started showing by then too.


kristinns25 - March 2

Hi debbie! I will be 14 weeks tomorrow so we are very close. I am just beginning to show a little even though I have been wearing maternity pants for 2 weeks now. My regular ones just would not b___ton... I am 5"6 118lbs. so my regular jeans just didn't have any room for my little bump. Still no one can look at me and tell I am prego... I just look a little rounder than usual. Are you sick much? I have m/s every night!!! and today I have an awful headache... this is the second one this week.


pregnantjackie - March 2

If its not normal, I'm not normal either. My b___sts and belly are huge and hard and the doctor says every woman carries differently. In the first trimester you are supposed to gain 3-4 lbs, maybe more if you are underweight. You sem to be right on track


debbie80 - March 2

Thanks ladies for your help, it makes me feel a whole lot better =) Kristinn25-congrats on 14 weeks! You and I should keep in touch and compare everything. In the very begining of my pregnancy I had m/s for about two weeks straight and that was about it. I havent had it recently..thank god! I am actually starting to feel like my normal self...its like once I made it 12.5 weeks I completly felt better..didnt really feel prego that much but you can sure see it in my tummy..lol have you started a baby journal at all? I started on on babycrowd.com its pretty cool...when is your due date? Mine is 8/31 but my last ul/s showed I was measuring 3 days ahead but the dr said it wouldnt really change...who knows. Well hope to keep in touch with everyone =)


kristina1980 - March 2

Hi, am 14w2d today. my stomach is getting bigger too however I am not a pett_t women 5'9 175 lbs. I wear maternity pants as well, because the regular are getting uncomfortable. I gained only like 2 pounds. Is that normal??? my mom told me she didn't gained a pound, that after she gave birth to me, her weight was the lowest in her adult life. maybe genetics?


flipthea - March 2

Hi Debbie. How are u....this is flipthea. Long time no chat!


debbie80 - March 3

Hey Flip- How is everything? I posted to you in our other forum but I didnt hear anything back from you. How is the job hunting and the traveling? Things are okay with me at work...I went on an interview on Monday but I havent heard anything back yet...so who knows. Not to much else is going on over here. I cant believe that I have finally made it to the second trimester!! I feel a lot less stressed than I did a few weeks ago...my belly is starting to show more...I swear I had no idea that I could actually start showing so soon...lol but I embrace it. Kristinn- I am not to sure about how much we are supposed to gain...I know that I gained 4lbs in the first trimester...I think my dr said for my pet_te size around 25-30lbs?? I think everyone is different. I hope everyone is doing well. When is everyones next appointment? Mine is not until 3/15


flipthea - March 5

Hi Debbie.....I didn't see your post in the other forum. I looked. Sorry. Anyway, I'm ok, I had to go to the ER yesterday. Friday I started breaking out in hives. I started taking benadryl per my OB. Last night it got worse and my face got swollen and I had some difficulty breathing too. Also, my company like forced me to quit my job, so I'm not working as of today. My last day was Fri last week. They won't even let me give a 2 week notice. My belly is also getting bigger. I'll be 16 weeks this Wednesday. I'm gonna send resumes again and pray I get another job, possibly a part-time ultrasound job right now. I'm dissapointed that my job didn't work out and they hurt my feelings too. How are u ? How's the baby? MY next prenatal is this Thursday.


debbie80 - March 5

Thea- I can't believe your job pretty much made you quit! You should have let them fire you and then you could collect unemployment for a while and then hire a lawyer for discrimination...you know thats what it was all about...luckly my job is supportive of my situation. How are you feeling? You know my sister-in-law who is now 7 weeks prego suffers from really bad hives, and I mean bad..she has to take medication for it every day. Now that she found she is prego she stopped taking them and now she broke out even worse than she was before. So now she is looking for a special cream...I hope you feel better. How does your husband feel about your job making you quit? On the other hand, things are going okay for me. I go back to the dr's next Thursday, I will be 16 weeks! Yesterday my dh and I went to babie-r-us for me too pick up photo frame and some lotion for the tummy....I was so excited in there but yet so nervous..I just want to know what I am having so I can start buying things and get an idea for the nursery....even though I am not due for another 5 months...lol I just like to plan ahead =) Well I hope things start working out better on your end. Keep in touch...


flipthea - March 5

Debbie----hi again. I can't collect umemployment fr my work anyway since I have been there for only 4 months. Anyway, I'm not gonna worry about it anymore. The company will reap what they sowed. My hubby was supportive of me leaving that awful work place and co-workers. He' s heard a lot about it! He used to have a lot of respect for my boss but now he has none. He knows my boss personally. I know things will work out for my good. I had my prenatal appt. moved today. So I guess I will have to wait til April 3 to find out the baby's s_x. The doc didn't want to do the u/s today just yet, although I'm 16 weeks in 2 days. It's better to wait as long as u can anyway, to be more sure. Although I don't know yet what the baby is, thanks to my sister, I've got so much baby clothes and stuff already.It;s the 1st grandchild and the first niece/nephew so everyone is going crazy buying stuff. I think I will probably not have much to buy anymore after my parents, inlaws and siblings buy the stuff they want to get. I'll probably get more stuff at the baby shower. What cream did u get for stretch marks? I'm thinking of getting one too since my belly feels itchy and dry. I feel better now too the hives are gone but I'm still a little itchy. BTW my baby's hb today is 156 bpm. Normal for 16 weeks :-) Take care.


Megan P - March 5

I am 13.5 weeks and pet_te and look pregnant now. I've been wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans unb___toned and halfway zipped with a bella band for a couple weeks now, but I think that's about to end. My jeans are finally getting tight in the b___t and legs too and not just in the tummy. Darn! I've gained 6 pounds already! I'm 5'3 and was 124 to begin with. Morning sickness is gone thank god. Debbie congrats on making it this far! You must be so excited!


tiramisu - March 5

Hi Debbie I am a wee bit over 5'4'' and weighed about 107 pounds pre pregnancy and i showed early too.. i looked like i had a major beer gut towards the end of my first trimester ;-)


Megan P - March 5

Tiramisu you are a skinny mini!



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