I Want To Know If It REALLY IS Possible

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Mandy1984 - April 26

I have read through some posts on the c/section forum but they usually just mmake me laugh, some are almost like a contest as to who had the Worst ever section and whos' had the most, I think I even read some girl said she had 19 c/sections??lol... Anyways my question is : I have had 2 c/sections 2001 and 2004 and I am currently pregnant again...I just assumed that once you had 2 that was it, you always had to have one, but I have been reading up about people who have went on to have normal delivery after 2c/s.....I also read that the main risk is Uterine rupture but the risk is only 3% highter than Vbac after 1 c/section.... I was just wondering if anyone had actually had a normal delivery after 2 c/sections or know anyone who has and if there were any problems, Also any websites would be much apprieciated!! I have been looking at websites but they don't seem to have an awful lot of info... TIA


HannahBaby - April 26

I worked on a maternity floor for a long while and saw alot of vbacs. The only real risk (even though small very serious) is uterine rupture. My mother was given the option of a vbac after 2 previous c-sections and she said Hell no!! Talk to your doctor but if you want a vbac and baby is in position there should be no reason why you cant give it a try


Cabbie - April 26

Your biggest problem may actually be insurance. In my state, the drs main malpractice insurance will not cover drs to perform vbacs anymore so once a section always a section. I've heard of more states doing this (mine was not the first) but can't tell you which ones. There are also some personal health insurances that won't pay for a vbac either.


Cabbie - April 26

This is an article that I found on the insurance aspect of it. http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2005-08-23-csection-battle_x.htm


Cabbie - April 26

take out the dashes in health and at the end


3babies - April 26

Hi Mandy, I know here in Australia most doctors are pretty reluctant to let you have a VBAC, especially after 2 c/s. With your case I think you may run into trouble as you attempted it with your 2nd and had difficulty. I think they would probably recommend against it as bubs tend to get bigger in subsequent pregnancies (in most cases). I would discuss your fears with your doctor though so that maybe they could give you something for the anxiety but not knock you completely out? They often give temazepam the night before to help you relax and sleep, maybe something like that?


Mandy1984 - April 27

thanks everyone, 3BABIES** I think I kinda new that I wouldn't be allowed I was just clutching at straws lol, My biggest baby was only 5lbs 14oz at 39 weeks so I have no fear of having a big baby lol, When I hear about women giving birth to 10lb babys' that makes me squirm more ooouch!!! I susppose I shouldn't be worrying now I'm only 16.5 weeks, I have an appointment on the 8th May for a scan so I'll see what the Doc says but you are prob right, Thanks Again x



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