I Wish I Could Have An Ultrasound Everyday

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Melissa - May 2

Does anyone just wish they could have an ultrasound everyday, just so you can check in and see that the little person in there is alive and thriving??? I am 18 weeks and have not felt any movement yet ( my doctor says I probably wont until 20 weeks or so) but I just wish I had some assurance that everything is as it should be. Any suggestions on how you can give yourself some peace of mind??


Kelly K - May 2

I'm with you there! One thing I did to help with my peace of mind is rent a fetal doppler so I can hear the heart beat anytime I want to. It really, really helps ease my mind. I'm just now 13.3 weeks along and it really helped get me through the last few weeks. You can get them for around $30 a month through most rental place. Storkradio.com is a good place to start.


Kristin - May 2

I hear you, I am 17 weeks 5 days, and I haven't felt any movement yet either.. Sometimes I convince myself that something is wrong, even though hearing the heartbeat is rea__suring, I can't wait for the next ultrasound because seeing is believing. I can use with some peace of mind myself!


Kristin - May 2

That's a good suggestion, kelly, thanks, I want to try that!


Eryn - May 2

I hear ya! I can't wait for my next u/s. I had complaications so I had to have one yesterday and I didn't want the nurse to take the monitor away.


hi all - May 2

That's a good suggestion ahh me too


lyn - May 2

I got lucky, my doctor is freinds with my sister so I get an ultrasound everytime I go in. It is amazing to see all the changes.


M - May 2

I am the same way! I wish I could "check in" on her everyday to make sure she's fine. I too am 18 weeks, and I think I feel movements, but I guess it is too early for the real jolts. But yeah, it'd be great to just take a peak to make sure all is well!


Melissa - May 4

Kelly, are fetal dopplers fairly common? I have never heard of anyone renting one..I am in Canada, are you? Definately something to check into. Thanks for the tip!


Kelly K - May 4

They are everywhere now and especially online. storkradio.com rents them out to US and Canada I believe. I'm not in Canada myself.. I'm down in Memphis, TN.


Jessica - May 4

Melissa- You can also rent them from sweetbeats.com. I just got one and it is just like the one my doctor has. You can rent them for $30/month. Have fun!


Kelly K - May 4

I absolutely love mine. I find myself listening to the baby about 10 times a day. The baby likes to hide from my husband though. He's yet to hear it on doppler.. only on ultrasound.


Jamie - May 9

Heheheh - I'm 27 weeks, and wishing for the days when I COULDN'T feel her move...but I still wish I could have an u/s everyday, to see my little girl's beautiful face.


Tigerphoenix - May 9

I know how you feel. Im 16 weeks and getting anxious cause my u/s is in two weeks. I really wish I could see it now. It is really comforting when I go to the Dr and hear the heartbeat. I think im gonna rent a doppler after my u/s.


C - May 9

I am also in Canada and actually renting the doppler can be quite expensive! I was at Motherhood and they sell the there for $50 - I was told that they worked well. I am 15 wks and have not even had an u/s - I won't get one till about 20 wks or so....so I think I"m going to get a doppler too!



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