Ideas For Feeling Attractive While Pregnant

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Kiersten - September 26

Hi all you mommies! I'm about 22 weeks right now with our second child (have a 10 month old ds and recently found out this one's a girl!) and am curious how you stay feeling/looking good. I'm running around all day chasing my son and by the end of the day I just want to feel like I look good for my hubby when he gets home from work. I don't want to look as tired and haggard as I usually feel. :) I've been dealing with breakouts and dark eye circles this pregnancy like I never did with my son and am feeling like I look 13. Do you have any pick-my-ups that you just swear by or ideas on how I can stay s_xy for my man? I'm sure he'd appreciate it!! lol Thanks!


kristina1980 - September 26

hi, I am 19 weeks with my second. my first is 14 month, and today I felt the same way. How can get little s_xier. Well I put little extra make up, not just maskara. I did my hair too. last week I ordered some good looking pregnancy clothes, and planning to do more shoping once I get bigger. But first of all, I take my body change with humor. I know I don't look like model, But I try to do "big belly" dance now and then, and even though it might be not s_xy at all, I believe that my confidence in my body is s_xy for my hubby. I think men always appreciate little extra effort when it comes to make-up, clothes, or hair. Just stay positive and try to smile as much as possible. We are s_xy. Even with big belly. Motherhood is s_xy.


Kiersten - September 30

Thanks Kristina. Yes, makeup is a super plus for feeling good! I think some of my feeling frumpy is because with my son I only showed right in front; totally basketball belly. This time I'm showing and gaining all over and even though I've only gained 2 pounds so far (don't know how!) I think I'd feel better if it was all in the belly. :) Maybe I'll pick up some new lingerie and surprise him. Thanks for the ideas!


dogmom - October 1

This is my first pregnancy and I am 21 weeks. I was a fitness fanatic and watched everything I ate. I pretty much lost my shape by my third week and I am starting to feel uncomfortable when exercising. I really have given up on trying to feel "s_xy". I am more facinated by the changes my body is going through and watching my belly grow bigger by the day. I was a size 2 and never happy enough with myself. I now have a baby growing inside of me, gained 15 pounds and wearing maternity clothes....I have never been happier!!!!


armywife4ever08 - February 9

Hi there! I am pregnant with our 2nd baby and my daughter is 15months old and I am 15 weeks pregnant lol. Anywho, my husband is deployed so I don't have to worry about anything since I'm not trying to show off for anyone, but when I was pregnant with my first I would buy "s_xy outfits" to wear to bed to spice it up a little. Because I don't know about you, but with being pregnant you are normally more hornier than you are when you're not pregnant (or maybe I'm just a wierdo lol). Anyways, although my husband is super sweet and will tell me I look wonderful I can't help but see through the line of b.s. because although my b___bs are bigger and fuller I don't think it's exactly s_xy rubbing bellies while having s_x. ( my hubby already has a little belly lol). So, I would say now that I know how exhausting it truely is and how tight money is now a days with the economy, that when your toddler is taking there nap I would try to get as much accomplished as possible, like pluck your eyebrows, shave your legs that haven't seen daylight for forever, put on some earrings and some makeup and wear some suductious looking outfit, and spray on some light perfume and my husband says "babe if you were to ever just take me to the bedroom the second I got home I would be in heaven." So maybe try having your son go to the babysitters or a "play date" and have it just the two of you. Or arrange for just a night out for both of you. I am a stay at home mom so I do know that paying for a babysitter comes out of pocket, but c'mon it is a HUGE help sometimes especially when you're trying to spice things up! You can use eye creams for under your eyes or I was also told by a friend that the Prenatal pills have some sort of boosting energy in them and to take them in the afternoon instead of at the beginning of the day or night also. So to re-iterate, I would check your baby into a daycare and not tell your hubby just do it as a surprise one day and go home and get all spiced up and light some candles, turn on some mood music and be waiting for him when he came through the door, I'm definitely sure he wouldn't see that one coming from a mile away. Or if your s_x life is just fine, then still take some time for yourself since kids are a handful, and spend the day at the spa for once since having him and treat yourself to a day of pampering and relaxation! Hope this helps!


rcmiller - February 10

Personally I think the easiest way is to make sure you put on that makeup. Second, get some cute but comfy clothes to wear. Not too big. Something that stretches over tummy nicely so you can see your cute shape. You don't want to look like a slob wearing a tent! That used to be the way but not now. Thank goodness! Before he comes home, go spray some body spray on as a bit of a refresher and just powder your face and possibly a touch up on the makeup. Wala! You'll be absolutely gorgeous and he'll appreciate your efforts.


tempyxworst - June 2

Luckily the way things have been working for me is I went to a professional hairstylist and had a positive change while my hair was healthy. Got my nails done and have started wearing more natural looking makeup. The best bet for looking attractive is to go for some more modern style clothing, such as the baby doll dresses and the ballet flats. This is only my first pregnancy and I'm twenty weeks so far, it works.


gaer - June 3

I find that being more diligent with things like pedicures/facials helps too. If you cant afford it, you can get a rock for your feet and some good lotion and polish your own toes (while you can still reach them!) My skin is way different this pregnancy and I look way better with the "less is more" as far as makeup goes. Ive had to go for a cleaner more natural look. Like the others said, shave or wax everything (and then some) ... if you have time and are already at home, try saving the shower till right before hubby gets home, so you look fresh and clean and feel it too. I was thinking of buying some cute babydoll lingerie with the split front, I sure dont feel s_xy, but maybe if I fake it, it might help? I feel like if I make an extra effort, I dont feel so "ucky" ... oh and this pregnancy I am not wearing my hubbys sweats. I am only wearing cute clothes. Last time(s) I felt as bad as I looked!



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