If Breastfeeding How Long Do You Plan To Do It

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SE - June 9

I thought it might be interesting to take a survey...


amanda.d - June 9

I have b___st fed my three children and plan to do so with this one. My oldest nursed until 1 yr old, my second child until 9 months, my last child until 71/2 months....I let them decide and that has been the outcome. So with this baby we'll see how long he/she goes.


Jessie - June 9

This is my first and I plan to do it at leat untill one year. If I see the need or reason I might do it untill 1 1/2 maybe 2.


Courtney - June 9

I plan to nurse until about 9 months to a year. I would like to nurse until my baby can hold a sippy cup and not ahev to have formula.


rae - June 9

at lest six weeks


leslie - June 9

I am planning to b___st feed but I have no freaking clue when I should stop! lol! I guess I will just stop when I feel the baby is ready..


naomi - June 10

I fed mt first for 6 months and plan to feed for at least 2-3 months this time if it goes as well for us.


mama2be - June 10

well its gonna be a challenge with twins, but first off, gotta see if they accept it.. then take it from there.. I'll let them decide when its time.. :)


Kristin - June 10

I plan on breatfeeding for 1 year, I will give it all I have to last that long!!


Kelly K - June 10

I'm only going to for 6 weeks and pump for another week or so to dry up. I have to go back to work after 8 weeks and don't want to have leaky b___bs at the office. :)


Ca__sie - June 10

I'm not really looking forward to b___stfeeding, but I probably will since it's so good for the baby and the mom. I think I'll try it for 3 months. We'll see when the time comes though.


Heidi - June 10

I'm going to give it a try but will probably go to formula when I go back to work as I can't pump here. Depends on how bad it hurts too!!!!! I'll try as long as I can but keep some formula on the side if I have a hard time with it.


lynnstress - June 10

I'm still not sure! This is my first, I'm 14 weeks. I think I'll b___st feed for at least 2-3 months. My mom and sister never b___st fed and the kids are all right. When I told them that my dr said b___st milk is all baby needs for the first 6 months, they totally scoffed and laughed. Because our family is a family of eaters! Kids were on cereal by about six months.


jena - June 10

I'm having twins and this is my first pregnancy, so I have to go day to day. BUT, I've always wanted to do it 9-12 months. This sounds so superficial, but I want to lose weight from b___stfeeding and obviously it is healthiest for baby. But, I don't mind supplementing with formula and/or pumping to get some help from others around feeding times!


TX Girrrl - June 10

I will b___st feed probably 6 months as with my other two children.


Wanda - June 10

I am going to try to go for one year or, until the baby is ready for a cup and regular milk. I don't want to use formula. I plan to take off 10 weeks, but I pump at work, and we have a refrigerator so, I think I will be fine. Why can't some of you pump at work? I mean, you should have a break, and they sell kits for keeping the milk cool if you don't have access to a refrigerator.


Kelly K - June 10

For me it's not that I couldn't pump at work, but I'd rather not. I work with mostly men (including my boss) and work in a very visible field (HR). I also don't want to take the chance of being stuck in a meeting and not being able to pump and start leaking. It's just not my idea of a good time.



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