If You Have The BeBe Monitor

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Phoebe - April 24

Okay the book talks about thumping... swishing... yeah right... I don't hear that... What do you think your baby's heart beat really sounds like on the monitor? I heard something that sounds like pop corn... who knows...


lyn - April 24

I have a heart monitor like they use in hospitals. Mine sounds like a really fast heart beat, or horse galloping. When you are over the placenta it sounds like wind b__wing through trees, it is pretty neat.


Mellissa - April 25

I bought one at Wal-Mart....mine is c___p...I cannot hear anything but my stomach gurgling....I cannot tell the difference between my bowels and the baby...It says right in the book that most people don't hear anything so dont get nervous...I think it was a waste of money and I should have rented a doppler...oh well... Let me know if you finally hear anything.


Phoebe - April 25

I hear you Mellissa... I guess that is why it was so cheep... I will try to return it... that money could have contributed to 1 month of the doppler rental.


Heather - April 25

my OB said they dont work unless you are very thin pre pregnancy.. mine works perfectly.. i brought it in to her because i wasnt sure if i heard myself or the baby.. and she did it on my belly and said its the baby's heartbeat.


Beth - April 25

Hi Phoebe I just actually got one on Sat. It says some people have heard things earlier but the actual box says third trimester. On Wed. I will be 22 weeks so I tried it anyways and as much as I thought I heard stuff I really don't think I did because we put it on my fiance's tummy and I heard almost the same noises there, I think we heard what was going on in our digestive systems, haa haa. I got the one with the cd to play to baby so I am going to do that today!


Jbear - April 26

I'm overweight and 22 weeks, and I've heard my baby's heartbeat on the BeBe monitor. I think it depends on the position of the baby, and if you have an idea of where to listen. I don't hear the heartbeat every time I try, and I don't have time to spend hours listening for it, but I've heard it a couple of times.


Krissie - April 26

THAT MONITOR SUCKS! Rent a regular fetal monitor. You hear nothing with that Bebe thing


Kelly K - April 26

I read reviews on the BeBe monitor and everyone said it was horrible. Only 2 people out of 217 liked it and actually heard the heartbeat. I'm with everyone else. I'm going to rent a real doppler.


Beth - April 26

Will store take back the Bebe monitor? When at babies R Us I asked a lady how their return policy was and she said very good just keep the receipt and I was holding the bebe monitor in my hand and asking her questions about it so she knew I was talking about that. Then I get home and open it and it said it is a personal product and cannot be returned.


Phoebe - April 27

Beth I know... in the box it says return only to the manufacture... then you have to spend another cost of shipping... I wonder if they will give that money back too.


Amy - April 27

I have to agree with most of you about the BeBe monitor. I bought one with my first pregnancy and could only hear something when the house was totally silent. Which doesn't happen very often. Also I couldn't hear a thing until I was 8 months pregnant. It really wasnt worth what I payed for it. I was so disappointed and emotional that I cried about it for 2 hours. I would just rent a fetal doppler. Its a better use of your money. Good luck.



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