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Robyn - June 7

Anyone else having an issue with your boss? Mine is being incredibly insensative and ignorant and down right rude about me being pregnant. I just was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. She has gone through it herself twice, you think she would understand. I am having twins, I am extremely tired, its hard for me to focus on the computer because my vision is blurred and I have to leave alot for doc appointments and she always gives me att_tude! I am caught up on all my work I never let it fall behind....whats her deal?!


Stephanie - June 7

Hey Robyn I knew that your boss was being a b___h but I did'nt know that she was being insensitive to your pregnancy! Do you have a human resources dept that maybe you can call. I forget what state you lived in but here in California you have to have it pinned up on our walls!


Robyn - June 7

Yeah I was just trying to get a post out there that people would go into, I think they pretty much know ours is ours by now lol. But yeah, its like all of a sudden she is unloading all this work on me and telling me I need to be caught up and I am caught up, there is no way I can be any more caught up! Like...for instance...our accountant came down here and asked her to pull some files because we are beng audited....she turns right around and pa__ses the buck to me because she didnt want to do it. She has done it to me before too!!! We dont have a human recorces dept or anything like that sadly...so I am kinda stuck. I dont even want to be here but I need toe bennifits and my rent needs to be paid.


Nancy - June 7

My boss was so horrible too! I worked 55-60 hours per week for the last 3 years. Then, when I told him i was pregnant, he freaked. I asked if I could have a reduction in hours, to 40-45 hours per week. He said " All or nothing " So basically I lost my job, I went to a lawyer and my boss had to give me my job back or keeping paying me until I go off on leave. He is such A jerk that he wouldnt even let me come back, so now he is still pating me, and I sit at home. Like Stephanie said, it is different in each state. You should call the state deptartment and ask what your rights are.


Kelly K - June 7

I agree with Stephanie about going to HR to discuss the issue. Even if you want nothing said to your boss. HR will doc_ment the conversation and put it in your file just in case something comes up later on. (I'm in HR, btw) It'll help cover your rear end later on if needed.


Robyn - June 7

I dont want anything said to my boss because some times she is a good person and nice and all, but it just seems like since I have been pregnant she is treating me different. I dont know how to contact a human recourses place, we dont have one at my work and I live in washington state...anyone got any ideas?


Erin - June 7

Hi Robyn. I am going through the same thng right now with my boss. "He" doesn't talk to me, he doesn't say good morning, he doesn't even look at me. Jerk. But, here in Canada we have just the solution! Short term disability. I am having twins so my pregnancy is dubbed as high risk. So my OBGYN filled out my forms and my last day of work is June 30. I just have to bite my tounge until then. Good luck to you! And remember, this is your body and your family. Don't let anyone stress you out. Do what makes you feel comfortable. And if that means telling her how you feel, then maybe that's what you need to do... Good luck...


m - June 7

your boss might have some issues at home, or even at work that are bothering her, and your pregnancy is getting on her nerves. How long has she been acting this way towards you? The best thing to do is just try to be extra nice to her, I KNOW this sounds weird, but really, try putting on the "nicey" thing. Some people in a managerial role get b___hy when things are off key at home or work. It's hard to say. But if the nicey thing doesn't pan out after a couple of weeks, it's time to just come out and tell her the her actions (don't say att_tude, come up with real actions, write them down so you don't forget) are not acceptable for a working environment. Explain to her that you know your work load and everything is current. She's forgetting because something's bothering her. And more than likely it's not you.



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