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skylersmom - May 8

i totally just blew up at my fiance when he came home on his lunch break. ugh. i was waiting for him to get home so i could take him back to work and go to my ultrasounds appt. I forgot we are completely broke right now and have barely any gas so i couldnt go. also, its my bday and i got a walmart gift card so i thought it'd be nice to go buy some clothes and bras that fit! but he gave me att_tude about it and the gas situation and i guess i just didnt want to hear it. so i screamed at him to leave, go back to work. we live in an apartment and the way i was screaming, i know everyone heard. especially with our windows open. i feel horrible now. i really really do. i dont want to act like that. im just sad i missed my appt. but he is doing his best working his butt off and i have no reason to act like that toward him. except for the fact that i feel like he has att_tude toward me all the time when i try to talk to him about something. does that make any sense? im lost. i just want to hybernate in my apartment for awhile. im embarassed now......they probably thought he was beating me or something. why did i explode like this???


Ddvinson3 - May 8



Ddvinson3 - May 8

But hey it's ok for us to do dumb stuff like that. We are broke too! Like always! And that makes it even super hard! Just talk to him tonight and apologize just say that your hormones were raging and that you are sorry. But also bring up the fact that you think he has an att_tude toward you. Good luck!!!!


yourtrish - May 8

Hey...try not to beat yourself up too much over it. I've had my fair share of complete and total break downs in front of my poor poor hubby. It's amazing he hasn't run away yet! And I always (still do) feel terrible and guilty, but the only consolation is that I do know I don't do it any of it on purpose and that 99% of it is hormonal insanity.


MM - May 10

I don't feel like I'm acting that differently but apparently I'm "scary" right now. I asked my husband why he hasn't tried to make a move (s_xually) & asked if he was afraid he would hurt the baby & he told me he's kind of afraid of me right now - LOL!


ThePezChick - May 10

Give yourself a break. You're pregnant. I've been a self-proclaimed b___h on more than one oca__sion.


louise1710 - May 11

try not to worry too much about it, your fiance will understand. hormones are funny things, i've been more over sensitive than angry, crying over the most stupid things, and my poor partner is constantly left rea__suring me that i'm not getting too fat/ugly/neurotic etc!! totally understand about the broke situation, we're in the middle of finding somewhere to live, and it doesn't help that i lost my job when i was 15 weeks!!! it'll all come right in the end for you i'm sure!!


KellyO - May 11

Don't worry. I have the most compationate DH. I know I am real lucky. He gives me whatever I want, he spoils me like crazy, and I know all this! But still I am being the biggest B!TCH to him and he still wants to treat me like a queen. It is not just new love either. We have been together for 9 years and we have 6 a year old son and I am almost 17 weeks pregnant. SO we have been through ALOT! 5 minutes after I totally tell him off, I feel so quilty and I beging to apologize! He says . . . that;s okay honey, I understand! Can you believe it. If someone did to me what I do to him, I would be gone! So don't worry it is your hormones. He will understand!


anechka - May 11

well if anyone can relate I can. I've been the biggest B*tch to my boyfriend EVER!!! not that I don't feel I have good reason, but sometimes I'm just plain cruel... at least u feel bad, i have no guilt probably because i resent him for being hundreds of miles away when he needs to be here takin care of me... but still. I'm not a mean person i just hate him right now more than anything in the whole world!



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