Im Only 22 Weeks Pregnant

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suzanne lord - August 27

ive been told that my waters have gone when i was 21 weeks and there not built back up so ive know been told my baby will die without the waters he will suffacate and i will go into labour any time or on my next scan his heart could be stopped they said he has a 1 % chance but if i should get to 28 wks he will die or be born handycapped please help if you can


Nise - March 2

Suzanne, I'm very sorry. I don't have an answer for you. You might seek the opinion of another doctor very quickly. The other thing I can suggest is prayer. I will pray for you and your baby. God Bless and Good luck!


Monaca - May 18

I don't know when this was posted. I can't believe that this has happened. Your docotr could have done something. They should have noticed before that your uterus wsa getting smaller. They should have taken your baby out. After 20 weeks the baby has a very strong chanceof life. I wouldn't want them telling me that my little baby was going to suffocate inside of me. That is horrendous! I would be emotionally scarred. I hope everything turned out well, Monaca


Michelle - May 19

The same thing happened to me 2 years ago and i gave birth to our son, but he was too small to possibly survive. It was a very hard time for us, and i know how you feel totally hopeless. If you can make it to 24 weeks baby will have more chance.


Seimiko Frazer - June 8

My pain is with you almost a year ago I gave birth at 22 weeks because I have a incoompetent cervix my doctor new my suittion because I have had two missciarages before this I lost my baby boy on July 29,03. I believe something could have been done before had if your doctor was monitering your pregency correctly I belive that my doctor was not doing what she was suppose to be doing for me to loose my baby I do understand with you are going through and I wish you luck I'll be praying for you.


caroline rodden - July 13

i dont think that is true i thinkyou will only have what is called a dry birth


Robin - August 27

A baby can be born at 22 weeks gestation and survive. However, there are numberous complications that can happen at this time. 24 weeks is when most hospitals consider a baby viable, but the hospital that I work at saves babies and recusitates as early as 21 weeks. Anyhow, a baby can continue to live and grow in the uterus without amniotic fluid. But the chances of infection is higher, thus most MD's will start you on antibiotics. So keep seeking information from MD's until you feel comfortable with the info. Good Luck


mistey - November 3

i have never been though anything like this and im so sorry you have to.i would definatly get a second more supportive opinion.that dr just dashed your hope all in one mouthful.i have heard fluid builds back up and is continually regenerated so i thought infection would be the only worry for now.i would be devistated to be told my baby was going to suffocate inside.please get second opinion i know u will do what is best for your baby good luck


shan - November 4

My water bag break last year when my was at 19 wks. Mr doctor could not help me. I gave birth to a healthy boy, who died few minutes later. Emotionaly I was very upset. It took me few months to overcome. Don't just sit there, go and find another doctor who could help you.


mary - November 19

I knew someone who couldn't keep her waters either.She was put on bedrest and told to drink a lot of water.She did, and the baby survived, but he is a little handicapped and needed an operation


yulia - November 20

Sometimes they can infuse fluids into the uterus. Ask your doctor about that. When I was working in the OB unit, I had a patient whose water broke at 20 weeks. It did not build up either, but they infused the fluids in her and that kept the baby in until she was 26 weeks. If you can keep it in until 24 weeks there is a good chance the baby will survive with intensive care. I do not know where you live, but you need to find out about the hospital NICU for your baby, how well are they equipped to handle premature birth. There is a chance that the baby will have a handicapp, because of being born prematurely, but not all babies who are preemies are handicapped. Good luck to you.


Mary - November 20

There was an Oprah about a baby Zoe who was born at only 20something weeks and is ok. Why don't you look into that doctor or case. I wish you the best.


claire - November 21

Just want to say good luck and i will say a pray for you. xxx


aria - November 28

I cant help you much.. But a girl at my work delivered her baby boy at 29 weeks and he's doing fine, he's now 18 months old, he did have to spend 90 days in the NICU though. Usually they say after you're water has broke to stay in bed. Most doctors will make you stay in the hospital until they think that you either have enough fluid again or until they think that they should induce you. If you can make it a few extra weeks then you'll be fine. they say that a baby after 20w has a chance of survival, I would say that I'd rather be induced than to sit there and think that Im going to suffocate my baby, but that would take a long time to happen, just make sure that you keep getting your u/s's so that they can make sure that the baby is not on its cord or that will kill it.


Anna From Toronto Ontario - November 28

Suzanne, I was 22 1/2 weeks with my baby, On November 18,2004 my ob decided to put my baby's future in her hands, I went into premature labor. I was 3 days short of being 23 weeks. I can't believe that they didn't even try to save her! I was begging them to keep her alive! I want answers, why did my doctor take my rights away. My baby was alive for over a half an hour before she died. I had to have a funeral and all that stress. Please keep me posted. My prayers are with you. Anna Daniel


Asabiers - December 17

my waters broke at 22 weeks and i went into labour sadly i lost my little girl but there was nothing the hospital could do as i was in well established labour before i got to the hospital.... take my advise speak to every doctor you can make them listen to you hope your little one hold on in there they can help you!!!! good luck


Keshia McDaniel - August 15

I am 22 weeks right now and I know how it feels to loose a loved one.But, the best thing you should do is pray and go to church, ask a precure to heel you.It will work trust me,god can do email is [email protected] email me a.s.a.p.



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