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venus_in_scorpio - June 20

Why does it seem like whenever I see other pregnant ladies, be it on TV or here at work or in public etc... they all look either like they arent pregnant or when they get far enough along they just look like regular skinny minnies with a little basket ball under their shirt, BUT a majority of moms I talk to profess to having gained generally between 35-55 pounds. WTF? I mean I know its my fault I gained too much weight (18 lbs at 18 weeks) but it just blows my mind... how can people not crave stuff? how do you get through a craving without eating so much other stuff to make up for it that you end up ingesting just as many calories? how do you find the energy to exercise? ack. just hormones talking I feel like a cow even though I only weigh 146 after gaining 18 pounds but STILL!!!! why cant MY cravings be for lettuce and shit why do I have to crave chocolate cake and snickers bars... ::sigh::


Lilu - June 20

I think it all has to do with your body even before pregnancy, your metabolism. See... in the beginning I lost weight b/c I was so sick. I've only gained 3 lbs at 16 weeks. But I was like this with my last pregnancy. I remember with my last I went in at like 5 months and I gained 10 lbs in one month. I was having a heart attack. I don't fight cravings. Try not to worry, I think you'll gain more than oher months. I gained 34 lbs with my last pregnancy and I still had 6 weeks to go. So I'm sure I would've gotten up to 40 lbs total. I mean don't engorge yourself 10x a day with just junk but don't deny yourself either ya know. AWW... yes, it's the raging hormones... don't worry I'm sure you look great and preggo! Have a great one.


HannahBaby - June 20

hahahahaha your soo funny. With my first baby i gained 23 lbs by 23 weeks and looked pregnant, but looked FAT too. Im 23 weeks and have only gained 1 lb. I find healthy ways to fulfill my cravings. Such as chocolate. I either eat a bowl of Coco krispies (1 gram of fat per 3/4 cup, with skim milk) or i LOVE chocolate peanut b___ter rice cakes, 1 gram of fat per rice cake. Its not as satisifying as a snickers or some cake, but i was 15lbs heavier than i was when i got pregnant with hannah so i am trying to be good this time (has paid off so far) also, i do treat myself every once in a while. Like i had chocolate cake on fathers day. Also, i am a sahm so i take hannah for daily walks and just taking care of her on a daily basis gets me some excercise. Some easy ways to get some excercise is to: Park far away from the store and walk (instead of parking right infront) Use the stairs instead of a elevator or escalator.


venus_in_scorpio - June 20

LO LI have to laugh at myself but I still get mad for gaining that much weight. did anyone see angelina jolie at 8 months pregnant?! p__s me off! LOL anyways i guess ill get over myself and get off my a__s and go for a walk.. :oP ps hannahbaby good plan about the rice cakes and cocoa krispies... those are good. :o) my hubby and i just moved in withmy mom afte my dad pa__sed away and it s hard, shell buy some rice cakes but hide them behind a box of twinkies. LOL


KLT - June 20

I'm sure you look beautiful! But I feel ya. I'm totally feeling like a cow although everyone else says otherwise. I can say I don't look pregnant from the back...just the basketball under my shirt look.. BUT...i certainly don't feel that way, and when I try to put on clothes that fit just a week ago..and they don't fit...its does a whole lot to the fragile, hormonal mind! I've been taking pictures each month of the progression and see the pig i'm turning own eyes see this... and just the idea of suddenly 20 plus pounds dropping on your body definitely doesn't help! I don't have cravings though..maybe its cause I like to eat weird things already?? I've just been eating as I normally do and all seems well. I know I should exercise...walk at least, but i'm too lazy too...and its too hot! I'm sure i'll regret it later.. but i'm going to make it a point to get back to or near my original weight (110). I do have a thing for grannysmith apples and salt though.... OK...and Angelina Jolie has Hollywood to help her along!!


frankschick2001 - June 20

I am at 13 weeks and have actually lost almost 12 or so pounds due to the horrible morning sickness. But I was told not to worry at this point. i am not underweight or overweight so the doctor is not concerned about weight loss just yet. As far as gaining weight, I guess it's a personal thing. A lot of pregnant women use it as an excuse to eat whenever and whatever they want. It's hard to fight cravings for sure, but if you were not pregnant, you would not just indulge whenever you wanted right? If you feel like having an ice cream cone, go for it. But if you feel like having three, try not to! You can use low fat alternatives the same as if you were not pregnant. If you want a piece of cake, have it, just make sure it is not the size of a brick!


frankschick2001 - June 20

Oh, as far as the pregnant hollywood women, you have to remember just how rail thin they are when they start out. They don't have soft bellies and arms like the rest of us. They have flat hard stomachs, and no fat, so when they start showing, all that really seems to look "big" is the belly. But have you seen Britney Spears? She certainly looks heavy to me! And she's got all the money iand help in the world. So I think it is about what you eat and how much excercise you get.


HannahBaby - June 20

well, britany spears is 6 months pregnant!! She didnt lose all the weight from Sean, Its nice to see some "normal" looking pregnant women out there (Gwen Stefani, Brit Spears, Katie Holmes, Just to name a few)


venus_in_scorpio - June 20

thats true abut the normal looking pregnant women.. and Mariska Hargitay from law and order SVU... she looked beautiful and she got pretty big. Although I just apssed another one here at my work.. about 8 months pregnant by the size of the belly and a__s still tinier than mine... urgghhH!!!! haha. yeah i definitely spent a good amount of time eating what/when ever I wanted but i have to wise up now so I dont gain 80 pounds! haha. i really enjoyed it though. what the hell. i'll just have to reacquaint myself with slim-fast and lean cuisine. i lost 20 lbs doing that before I got married. i guess 146 at 5'5 AFTER gaining 20 pounds isnt TOO too bad right?


venus_in_scorpio - June 20

well 18 pounds... gonna stop rounding numbers. or ill start rounding them in my favor to justify my hoggishness. LOL.


jesnewmomagian - June 20

Girl I feel you, I too have gained too much but take heart last time I b___st fed and lost 25 lbs almost immediately this time I'm pumping to get back to work quicker but look forward to the same thing (neway my fingers are crossed)


CaliTrish - June 20

I started out 30 lbs overweight, so I haven't gained much by 24 weeks. If you aren't already doing it, you might try snacking to curb your cravings. I was diagnosed with GD at 11 weeks, so I'm on a no sugar/low carb diet. They have me eating/snacking every 2-3 hours (30g carb snacks, 45g carb meals). I'm never hungry and haven't had *any* cravings. It's kinda weird.


EricaG - June 20

Hi, I'm actually 33 weeks, but I like to pop over here once in a while. I'd like to give you something positive to think about, you ladies are probably going to have beautiful, healthy babies whose weight and health was not compromised by a mom who doesn't gain enough weight. You don't have to worry as much about intrauterine growth restriction or low birthweight babies. About the celebs, isn't it great to be able to be able to gain a little too much weight and not have it spread all over the tabloids? Unless they want to be ridiculed they HAVE to ignore cravings and work out constantly. But last of all isn't it wonderful to not have a medical condition preventing you from having even adequate weight gain? I started having gallbladder attacks around 10 weeks pregnant and by 12 weeks I had lost 15 lbs due to morning sickness. Now at 33 weeks I have only gained 4 of those lbs back. The reason? Not because I'm lucky, and not because I crave lettuce,that's for sure, my cravings are for donuts and bacon. It's because I have been in and out of the hospital, hopped up on meds, and on a low-fat diet (under 20 grams a day) trying to prevent gallbladder attacks. If I have an acute attack right now they would take my baby early and take my gallbladder out. My daily diet usually includes a low fat granola bar for breakfast (2 grams) a bowl of Easy Mac for lunch (4 grams) a low fat dinner such as spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner (about 10 grams) and for a snack later, low fat popcorn (2 grams) To fill in the calories that I'm missing out on I eat fruit and drink juice, but I have to worry about what kinds because stuff with too much citric acid can trigger an attack. Unfortunately though, this isn't enough to make me gain enough weight and we have to worry about having a tiny baby. I understand that gaining a lot of weight had to be frustrating, but perhaps it will help when you see those skinny little girls with basketball tummys to think "I'm glad I know I'm doing what I can to make my baby big and healthy!"


Taffy - June 20

Erica, thank you. I've been trying to explain on some threads that gaining too little weight isn't a good idea. I think you summed it up beautifully. So what if you gain too much (whatever that is?) weight. If the Dr is ok you shouldn't worry or feel guilty. I would much rather have the weight to lose afterwards than risk problems for my baby because I have prevented myself from gaining enough. Again I cannot gain enough weight as I have severe IBS and I'm not allowed any meds. I'm always worrying that my baby isn't getting enough calories because I can't absorb my food effectively. I think there is at times a little too much bullying and ridicule on this forum about going 'too much' weight. If you're worried, just speak to your Dr. Other ppl on this forum are probably not medically qualified and even if they were they don't have your full medical records. Just relax and trust your Drs opinion. I wish everyone a healthy, happy bundle of joy.


mischelly30 - June 20

Well, ladies, it has to be more than what you crave that accounts for a lot of weight gain. My craving is watermelon. I go through a whole watermelon about once every five days! I exercise 3-4 times a week, watch what I eat (mainly veggies and fruit), and I have been put off by chocolate ever since getting pregnant. And, I still managed to gain 25lbs @ 25 weeks. I hope it comes off relatively quickly...but am not going to stress.


Jamie - June 21

I had gained 24 pounds by the time I was 16 weeks pregnant. 16 of those pounds were added in 3 weeks. I did NOT overeat, and I had a healthy craving - strawberries. What I did have was pre-eclampsia, one of the indications of which is sudden or excessive weight gain. Now, I'm sure all you ladies have regular visits with your OB, and so you probably have nothing to worry about, but you just might want to consider it. I had excessive weight gain that early, but the pre-eclampsia wasn't diagnosed until I was 30 weeks pregnant, and by then it was causing real problems. I gained a total of 75 pounds during my pregnancy, and have only lost 30. My daughter is 10.5 months old.


venus_in_scorpio - June 21

you are absolutely right. i had a bug in my a$$ yesterday for some unknown reason (probably hormones....) Erica I hope you carry to term... only a few more weeks! at least youre at a point now where if *god (or whatever u believe in) forbid!!!!!!* anything did happen they can probably save the baby. I probably should watch out pre-eclampsia (thats toxemia right?) my mom got it when pg with me. oh well whatever crawled up my a$$ and died is no longer there... thanks though for all of your input. iot helps to hear others perspectives.



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