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sWeEtGrL - January 11

yes hi i was just wondering if testing for Down Syndrome is that bad? does every pregg girl get tested for hearing on here its bad n they want meh to go back n 2 weeks for the testing now im freaky out about the whole thang im 16 weeks pregg..i mean did they see sumthing that they got to test meh can anyone out there help me out here thanks!


g - January 11

At my DR you sign a piece of paper stating its ok to get it done. But yes they like to test all pregnant women and sometimes even if the test reults say yes the baby has it or might the child can be born just fine. When i was prego with my daughter they thought she had it, then they said ultrasound then said no it looks like a spine problem then said no. She was ok with those things when she was born, both negative. I think its just a way to help prepare the mothers with a positive result try to deal with it better before the baby is born. It's amazing what they can test for nowadays! Good luck and don't worry to much ok?


yungmama - January 11

my doctor told me if i wasn't going to terminate due to a problem then don't even bother getting the test. It could cause complications if you have to get the amnio afterward. plus they are usually wrong.


sWeEtGrL - January 11

okay so i dont have to get it tested iam a first time mother i dont know any of theses things u noe..i mean i really dont wanna get tested cuz i dont care its not like im gonna get rid of it juss cuz it has down syndrome im gonna luv my baby either way u know..but my doctor keeps telling me its imporant n i have to im like ok wtf? i dont have to if i dont want to right!


Ba8y6irl - January 11

I am a first time mother and I have no history of DS anywhere in my family. I did all the necessary tests possible including the one for DS and everything came back fine. My doctor didn't even give me the option to choose if I wanted it or not. The only thing I had to sign is that I acknowledged that every doctor in Canada tests for AIDS at the very beginning of all pregnancies and that I consent to the AIDS test. I still strongly recommend that every girl get tested even if you are scared of getting a bad result. If in fact they find something wrong then by the time your baby comes into the world you are better prepared on how you are going to deal with the situation. Giving birth is a crazy experience and takes a lot out of you physically and emotionally. Having to hear bad news just after 30 hours of labour is not a situation you want to find yourself in. Its better to be prepared for what is to come so you can be more emotionally and physically available for the challanges you face ahead. and as in some cases if the tests were incorrect then you have a healthy baby and everything is even better! Don't be scarred of what you doctor has to do, if they believe something is seriously wrong they will tell you, sooner than later for sure. They give you the option to abort if that's what you would like. I hope everything goes well for you. Good Luck :)


bean - January 11

I'd like to offer the alternative point of view from the posting above mine. Being here in the U.S., where we don't get free health care like in Canada, many doctors strongly recommend lots and lots of tests simply because they make money off of you coming into their office. Don't forget - it is a business after all. Just like when you take your car to the mechanic to get the oil changed and they tell you you need new whatevers. All tests are completely up to you. Even going to the doctor is completely up to you. Of course, I highly recommend you keep your monthly appointments, but I absolutely don't think it's necessary to have the Downs test done. First of all, if you're young, healthy, the father is also young and healthy, and you have no family history of Downs, then chances are very very good that your baby will not have Downs. However, chances are very good that the test may come back with a false positive (happens all the time) and it puts you into a panic. Why stress and worry for the next 6 months just to find out your baby is ok afterall? If you're going to love the child no matter what, then I say don't do it. I'm not sure how the posting above me feels that we as mothers-to-be could prepare better. It's still a baby after all, Downs or not. It still needs love, food, warmth, a place to sleep... A Downs baby is no different. Plus - don't forget - your big ultrasound is coming up in a few weeks, and if the baby has any kinds of complications, including Downs, it will be visable on the ultrasound. So why not just wait until then?


JenB - January 11

That was in reference to sWeEtGrl's initial question above...


Ba8y6irl - January 11

I just think it would be more overwelming to find out at birth though. Thats all I was saying in regards to preparing. Obviously you would love your baby no matter what, its just something that I myself would like to know before. Just my opinion. Btw do you ladies in the US have to pay for each blood test you do too? I thought that might be something that would be covered by HMO or otherwise. I dont know much about the way the US healthcare system works so forgive me if I sound a little dumb on the topic.


Drew - January 11

Relax, every pregnant woman gets the option for this test, it does not mean that your baby is at any higher risk than any other pregnant woman. I'm totally with bean on this one....even though I'm from Canada and get all my testing done for free, I have family from the States and it does seem as though they like you to test for everything under the sun. Which they get paid for from your pocket. How old are you? Unless your 30+ your not considered "high risk" for downs, there's always the possibility but it's highly unlikely. There have also been many women who have gotten a false positive in their bloodwork, and sent for more testing (which they pay for out of pocket) only to find out baby's perfectly normal. If you have the same plans for this baby no matter what the result, why spend all that energy worrying? I never opted for it and I get mine for free. Good luck with your decision! :)


bec - January 11

Here in Australia we have to pay for the tests (about $270 all up for the u/s and bloods) and it's completely your choice. Even then, my dr said that the tests don't tell if your baby has DS - only the liklihood of it. If the result shows a strong possibilty, then only amnio will tell for sure. Personally, I think it's better to find out in advance if bub has DS and be prepared and educated on his needs and your expectations. Good luck!!!



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