Im Sooo Dissappointed

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Bee - November 7

Im 17 and 1/2 weeks pregnant, I thought I was 18 and 1/2. So I went in for the big scan and they couldnt do anything. They said they couldve determined the s_x if it was positioned right but the little thing wasnt Im crushed my boyfriend took work off to come and see and now cant come it again in three weeks. Im just so sad, i should of known better. On top of it when we got home I could feel it kicking and moving around but when I was there it did nothing except sleep and not move this child is gonna be difficult I know it. Im just venting and bumbed thanx for listening.


Emy - November 7

You poor thing! I would have been mad that the doctor did not schedule it later. My doctor refused to let me plan it for less than 20 weeks for that reason exactly. But I hope you were at least happy to see that the baby is healthy. And please don't a__sume your baby will be difficult b/c he was not not moving around. 17 weeks is early any way you look at it. Even if it had been moving you might not have seen anything. I am surprised they were able to get all the measurements they need. Are you sure they did? If they didn't they will call you back for a second one and make sure that you go in after 20 weeks for that one! Good luck!


jb - November 7

Im sorry. I went through the same thing. The baby didnt move at all and was face down at my 19 week ultrasound. We got to come back for another one b/c they couldnt get good shots of all the organs. Later that day I felt the baby moving all around, I was so disappointed. Anyways, I went back three weeks later. I ate a muffin and drank a coke right when I got to the doctors office and she was moving around more for the second one. They got all the shots they needed and she is very healthy. They told us 80% that she was a girl.


Bee - November 8

Thanx for your nice words, I know I cant tell if the baby is gonna be difficult now... But it has been but its ok Im sure none of us were always easy to get along with, I know I wasnt. But yeah Im going back in three weeks, thank goodness for that we decided if the tech can tell what it is she is going to write it on a piece of paper and put it in a envalope and we will open it together. But it was real cool just to see the the little thing looks like right now, I cant wait to see it 23 weeks to go. Im ok with everything now it justs the hormones and I got my hopes up. Three more weeks. I will give a update.



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