Im Sooooo Excited

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teigan - December 5

i just had to share how excited i am, found out the s_x of our baby nearly a week ago and its a boy... im sooo happy, i dont like it when people are telling me that because i already have a boy, i should really try for a girl... i would just like to say to those people bugger off... after 1 healthy pregnancy and 4 misscarridges all at 8 weeks, i do not feel as if i have the right to be dissapointed at what s_x the baby is, i am just so bloody greatful that i am able to carry again, as it has now been clarified that i can not carry girls!! who cares, i have a baby inside me yes hes a boy, but he will still be so loved by my family and my cheeky 4 year old reece james who i love with all my heart, ignore anyone who is not happy for you and just enjoy been pregnant... xxxx


Michelle - December 5

Teigan, Congrats on your little male bundle of joy! I agree with you completely. People are so quick to make comments about the s_x of our babies, I dont think they think before they speak. or its just that most people just dont know are situations. For me my husband and I had to go through IVF 3 times to get our little one. I'm 16w. So I feel soooo blessed to have this one, that we dont care what it is. And people keep making coments "in laws of course" LOL that they want a boy. I so badly want to say to them "well after everything we went through to get pregnant, we dont care what it is" I figure that would shut them up. So I ignore it like you....Enjoy every bit of our pregnancies. Take care


to Teigan - December 5

Congratulations! I'm having a little boy too, my first baby, and I'm so excited! Random people who don't know what you've been through should have a little more courtesy & manners. But actually, my mother-in-law had the nerve to tell me what the sonographer, my boyfriend & I saw on the ultrasound clear as day more than once could be wrong because SHE wants a granddaughter. Well too bad. People should learn some social graces & keep their negative or contradictory opinions to themselves unless it's a purposeful political argument or something.


teigan - December 6

good luck to both of you xxxxxx and michelle, ivf three times.... god what a roller coaster you have been on, so happy for you to finally have what you have always wanted xxxxxx


Shell - December 6

My first was a boy and he is the sweetest thing.. I am pg again (10 wks) and hoping for another boy - but a girl will be ok too! They are just so wonderful...



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