Important Information About 2nd Trimester Doctors Note

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Ella.B - February 2

As many of you have noticed the wet feeling in your panties, and that your discharge has increased, that is normal for pregnancy! however we often find it usefull to use pantie liners or pads to be more comfortable! DON'T USE PANTIE LINERS, because, even though increased discharge is normal, in the 2nd trimester, infections are common and a real threat to your baby, by using a pantie liner you won't noticed when your panties are abnormaly stained, the color or consistancy are different,.. because the pad soacks it up. Sorry if this is too much info, but my doctor recently told me this and said that often infection go untreated because women don't notice a diffrence in discharge because they use pads, and that causes a lot of premature labor! Thought I would share this info, I hope everyone is doing well!!


KJ - February 2

Thanks for the info Ella that does make sense.


Ba8y6irl - February 2

makes sense thats why I dont use em! There is no point you still are uncomfortable, whether it be because of a pad or because of wetness... why risk it!


DWilson924 - February 2

Really you shouldn't use panty liners? I have read sites that encourage it. So out of curiousity what do you do to get rid of the dampness? the reason why I ask is I am the type of person who can't stand it and thats why i started using panty liners is so i could avoid it. Did your doctor recommend something like just bringing an extra pair of underwear or what? I'm curious to hear what was recommended. And thank for the information. I will have to figure something out.


krc - February 2

I dont see any difference. If im discharging I know it and my panty liners dont hide it from me. I use those tiny care free ones in the pink, plastic bag. In the beginning I wore them for about 2 weeks, the discharge wasn't much but I didn't want it to dry and get ick in my panties. That drives me nuts. As far as infections..change it regularly. I mean what difference does it make if it is stuck to your panties or panyliners? It is still touching your cooch.


krc - February 2

Besides..doctors are nothing more than walking opinions. They all have their own theory. Im not knockin' your doc. Im just saying you'll find a balanced ratio of docs who are for panty liners or against. I think if a woman knows her body or atleast looks at her panty liner everytime she pees she'll notice a difference.


DWilson924 - February 2

I have to agree with KRC about just changing it often. I seriously cannot stand dampness "down there". i feel dirty if I am damp and this is the one way I know to get rid of it. And plus she is right about whether it be on a liner or your underwear it's still damp and a breeding ground for bacteriam i would have thought a panty liner woudl be good because you can remove the dampness. Hmm. well Ella, I am still very interested in hearing more about what your doctor has to say about this issue, including his solution for it.


Anne - February 2

I have to wear a pantyliner. I just check it when I go to the bathroom. I didn't wear them for a couple of days when I ran out and due to the dampness and wearing pants all day, I got a rash on my inner thighs. I don't want to go through that again. I will ask the dr. about checking for an infection when I go next week.


maya - February 3

prior to getting pregnant I used to get infections down there. all different types.. smelly ones, irritating ones, burning ones.. It was getting to a point I couldnt stand it anymore. I did a lot of reading.. and my conclusion was .. less stuff down there the better.. in fact I try to take my panties off when possible. (at home.. usually haha!! ) and even your panties must be very light.. . of 100 percent cotton.. something that wont hold any humidity in. and I change them often.. I feel so much better down there now!! So yes I TOTALLY agree. panty liners are a BAD idea.. they keep the moisture trapped.. making it a good place for bad stuff to appear and grow. and then attack you!


minna_k04 - February 4

I have an infection and was told by my doctor to wear a pany liner for a few days because it is easier to change your liner than your panties and keeping the moisture there on your panties is just as bad as on the liner. But I would not wear them any other time, I just find them uncomfortable and the discharge is not that bad, it's even less now that the med is working. I do know you should only wear cotton panties during pregancy, I learned that in cla__s a couple of weeks ago. It helps prevent UTI. for similar reasons.


mama-beans - February 4

My RE recommended liners for the discharge. A smell is a smell, a liner won't change that. You just have to change them.. but really, what is the difference between a moist liner and a moist panty??? I guess it all depends on your doc, and your own hygene.


Olivene - February 4

The difference between a moist panty liner and moist undies is that the panty liners have plastic backing- your undies (at least the cotton ones) will dry, the panty liner won't. I definitley had more infections (in my non-pregnant life) while using panty liners (or non-cotton undies) than no panty liners and cotton undies. Maybe, everyone's chemistry is different enough that not everyone reacts the same way, but I thinki it is better for me not to wear panty liners.


Ella.B - February 6

I didn't post this to start an argument about whats good hygene and not, I just wanted to pa__s on information that my doctor gave me...No need to be rude! I know doctors all have diffrent opinions and who knows who is right, but it is just information, take it or leave it! But for those saying that it doesn't matter if you wear one or not, that you see the diffrence anyway, the primary purpose of the panty liner is to soak up the mess,and second to mask odors so you don't see whats going on!!! Again, good luck to all, with panty liners or not! ;-)


lou - February 7

I'm so glad I read this response - I have been doing exactly that !! - so I will get my urine checked to be on safe side



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