In My Ribs

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kendall - November 15

if i sit down for too long its like there is no more room for my little girl so she just crawls into my ribs and i have to push her out sometimes i can feel her little feet go right back in. anyone else experiencing the same PAIN??


Tess - November 15

Kendall, How far along are you? Just curious....I can't wait to feel my baby's first movements and stuff....Awww Im jealous to all of you ladies here. LOL


kendall - November 17

i am 26 1/2 weeks i've been feeling movement since 18 1/2 weeks she never stops now sometimes it makes me jump. when i first started feeling movement for about the first 2 weeks it would make me far along are you?


M.B. - November 18

Kendall, when you say you felt nauseus when you first felt baby kick is that because you felt the kicks deep inside you? I am 18 weeks 5 days and felt first kicks last evening and this morning. They were like 4-5 strong pokes deep inside me and they actually made me feel naseous because they were so deep inside my stomach... Is that how your first kicks felt too??? I always thought the baby would kick outwards so I could put my hand on my belly and feel it, but it felt like baby was kicking against my organs instead... xx


Tess - November 18

Kendall, I am 14wks today 11/18. A few more wks til I get to feel my baby's first movements and stuff. Congrats!


kendall - November 19

yeah they were really deep but also when she moves it gives me like a nervous feeling but i wouldnt be she would just be moving so gently that it would make me feel like car sick or i don't get naseous anymore she just moves so hard m b/f thinks she's going into convulsions lol.


into your ribs? - November 19

The uterus is up to the ribs at only week 26? That doesn't sound right.


Chris - November 19

Hi Kendall, I like your name. I'm 26 weeks too and my baby is breech so far so she always kicks my bladder and makes me fell like I have to pee all the time. My 2 nd daughter was always in my ribs and I remember when I was in labor trying to push her feet out of my ribs. mShe totured me to the last minute.


kendall - November 20

when i sit down for too long its like she needs to be comfortable and with my legs pushing up it takes some of her room so she will get her little feet and legs under my rib cage and sometimes they get stuck so i have to push them out. chris thanks, nobody has my name so its kind of nice i don't have to add my last initial (w) to it to decifer which kendall i am. right now i don't know whether she's breech or not but when i cook dinner or am standing for too long she will move and kick me so fast that one min i wont have to pee and the next there i am running to the bathroom lol.



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