In The Delivery Room With Mom Vs Boyfriend

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Sonia - September 30

Hi everyone, some advice! My boyfriend is the kind of person who is well excited about being a dad, kisses my belly, blah blah blah, however I'm almost sure he won't be able to bring himself into the delivery room, and if he does, he'll probably faint within the first 20 seconds, I don't think he will be able to take it. I'm thankfull my mom is coming to town to be with me, she's been a nurse for 27 years and has worked with pregnancies, deliveries, and taking care of babies. So she knows her stuff. I guess I'll have her with me during labor and delivery, and although I know I'm very lucky to have her, I don't know if I'll still miss or resent my boyfriend at that moment, geez this doesn't happen every day! What do you guys think?


Christina - September 30

I understand what you're saying. Unfortunately my problem is that both my boyfriend and my mom are hell-bent on being in there, and they both will be. I think that it is special that your mom will be in there... there is something about having "mommy" there. I wouldn't be too resentful to your boyfriend...some things men just can't You'll be there when he first sees the baby... that'll be special all in it's own.


Emy - September 30

From what I hear...and I have not experienced it yet myselfn - you are in so much pain that you really won't care who is there and who is not. Your only thought will be "get this out of me, now!" Besides, the process of labor can be long and (at the beginning) slow for people so your bf will probably be with you for the hours upon hours where not much is happening.


Maggie - September 30

My husband cannot take the sight of blood, so I was shocked when he made it through my labor and delivery. He stayed strong until the baby was out, and he got to hold him. As soon as the baby was handed back to the nurse he ran into the bathroom and puked his guts out. Maybe your boyfriend will surprise you and be able to get through it. If he can't don't resent him, a lot of people can't handle it. Its not his fault, its just the way some people are. Good Luck to you.


jb - September 30

Some guys say they cant take it, but then when it really happens they are too excited to be grossed out. My friends husband said he wasnt going to look at the baby coming out, but when it happened he was just staring down there watching the head come out. He cut the cord too. She was really suprised. You never know.



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