In The ER All Night

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homeworkwithheather - May 20

So...I was in the ER all night and come to find out that I have an upper UTI that has spread to my kidneys and that i was severely dehydrated. I got lots of fluid...IV antibiotics and some IV Demerol for the pain...which didn't even help. But at that point I was desperate. This pregnancy is not at all what I have envisioned and I keep telling myself how lucky I am, but I am feeling a little defeated. I am on the couch and oral meds for the next 4 days, but am ready to start showing and stop throwing up. I am 19 weeks tomorrow, so hopefully I will make some sort of turn at 20 weeks. I had to get an u/s to check for kidney stones and gallstones and the u/s technician let me look at the baby boy to give me a boost. It is amazing what a glimpse can do for you. Just feeling a little down right now...this is the best place to vent. Everyone else who hears of my hardships feels the need to one up me with how they or someone they know had it much worse. Why do they do that? Thanks for listening ladies. I hope everyone is in good health and good spirits...


Teddyfinch - May 20

yeah after a rough first trimester all i could think was "why can't it be like it is for women on tv who are just all smiles through their pregnancy? i thought it would be more fun than this" lol. were you not drinking a lot of water? i told my doc that i could have a&w root beer because it doesn't have caffeine but she said no i needed clear liquids.


mjvdec01 - May 20

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Sometimes pregnancy sucks. That was so nice of the technician to let you look at the baby while you were so miserable. I am sure you will start showing soon, then you can start showing off your belly. Once you start feeling well again maybe you should go and register for your baby shower. When I am feeling c___ppy ( I am 30 weeks 5 days pregnant with our second child ), I love to go shopping for the baby. You could even start a registry online at Babies "R" Us if you don't feel well enough to go out. Keep me updated on how you are doing.


ejmeskan - May 21

Oh Heather I am so sorry!! Why can't I remember? this your first? I keep confusing all the girls. You have had a bummer of a time but really it will turn around soon! I know I already told you this but my first pregnancy I didn't start showing until about 22-24 you are bound to pop soon!!!!! You are so tiny your babe doesn't have anywhere to go but out!!! :) I promise you ....those other women will envy you when they see your tiny little size 8's with an adorable little bump and that is it!!! :) Hang in there!!! At least you know your baby boy is doing well!


homeworkwithheather - May 21

Thank you makes me feel so much better to read your responses....yes this is my first. It is crazy how much paranoia goes into pregnancy....always something new to worry about...Teddy-all I can drink is sparkling water...but I am throwing up so much that dehydration was bound to happen. The UTI is improving, but now I am paranoid that i don't feel much tugging from my little guy and am paranoid about all of the meds I have to take. If it isn't one thing. Ejmeskan-you are right, it will be nice not to be humongous, I think I just have felt pregnant for so long that I am ready to look it! mjvdec001-I am going to start registering this weekend. You're will lift my spirits. Thanks again're the best. My best to all of you and your little ones.


Saird - May 22

OH you poor thing, the one thing I can't stand is nauseau and you are still throwing up! I'm still puking up breakfast every once in awhile but then am fine for the day. Being afflicted by stretch marks and varicose veins though. NOt impressed by that. I want to know where these glowing women are? Then I can kick them...haha



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