Incarcerated Uterus

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Laurabelle - October 12

Does anyone have any info about or experience with an incarcerated uterus? This is where a retroverted uterus does not correct itself and then does not pop up and out from behind the pelvic bone as it is supposed to. I have the following symptoms of it: - frequent need to urinate - sense of incomplete bladder emptying - urinary retention (inability to empty bladded) I have had to strain very hard just urinate sometimes. Not all the times, but often. Its as though I have to act like I am having a difficult bowel movement in order to urinate and let a litte out at a time. This is a very difficult way to urinate and to fully empty my bladder. I often cannot empty it in this way at one time. Symptoms for incarcerated uterus generally start at 12-14wks. Mine started about 11 weeks. I am now almost 16 weeks. The problems of this are very bad, and if not fixed early enough can cause miscarriage. I am quite concerned. My belly measurments have also not changed in a month, which also leads me to belive that my uterus is not starting to move beyond the pelvic bone.


Beth - October 12

go to your doctor


Laurabelle - October 12

Gee...that was helpful. I do have a normal appt. scheduled for next week on Friday. If I feel the need, I will call sooner. I would appreciate info on if anyone has any extra info or especially experience with this condition. I know to talk to my midwife about this as well. And I have already done so once.


Beth - October 12

Sorry I can't be more helpful, it just sounds like this is something that is really bothering you and stressing you out and although it's nice to get info from people that are pregnant too, your doctor would know best about this condition and what is causing your symptoms, so, like I said before, go to your doc so you can know for sure.


pbj - October 12

I would agree...I've never heard of that before. Some of your symptoms sound like a UTI to me.


Laurabelle - October 12

I know it sounds like a UTI, however I do not have any infection as I already have been tested for it.


Jessica - October 12

Here is some info I found. I hope it helps you Laurabelle! What is an Incarcerated Uterus ? An incarcerated uterus does not ascend into the abdominal cavity. Instead, it becomes wedged in the pelvic cavity between the sacrum and the pubis. The increased pressure displaces the cervix and compromises function of the bladder, kidneys and the colon among other organs. Symptoms Patients with incarceration usually though not always experience the following symptoms between 12 and 20 weeks of their pregnancy: Frequent need to urinate Sense of incomplete bladder emptying Urinary retention Constipation Lower abdominal pain Vaginal bleeding Sometimes a woman with an incarcerated uterus will remain asymptomatic until the third trimester or even until labor begins at term. If an incarcerated uterus is suspected, a manual exam and ultrasound are used to confirm the diagnosis. Consequences of an Incarcerated Uterus ? Patients with an untreated incarcerated uterus may experience hemorrhage and spontaneous abortion. Fetal loss of up to 33% has been reported in women with uterine incarceration. The earlier the incarceration is detected, the more favorable the prognosis for the fetus. Less commonly reported complications include intrauterine infection, rectal gangrene and rupture of the bladder or uterus. What You Can Do If you have a tipped uterus and are experiencing symptoms discussed in this section, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Early recognition is key to a successful outcome. Additionally, it is important to mention that you have a tipped uterus should you require urgent or emergency care. The information may be helpful in establishing a diagnosis and ensuring you receive the most appropriate treatment.


to laurabelle - October 13

If this is what you have, why would you not demand an appt. sooner? I don't get it. It is obviously something that is stressing and could potentially be dangerous to the baby. So why not get it checked out asap?


Val - October 13

I've heard of this before. If you really think you have this, I would call your dr. and have them let you come in now. At 16 weeks, you won't normally see much of a change in your abdomen though, if that makes you feel any better. At 17 weeks the top of your uterus is about halfway to your belly b___ton, and at 20 weeks it finally gets to your belly b___ton. At 16 weeks the top of your uterus is still really low, and if it's your first baby your belly muscles can do a really good job of holding it back so you can't tell anything is going on in there. I am 14 wks with my first, and I am pet_te and thin, and I feel like my uterus hasn't grown for quite a while. My dr. said it's still just so far down there at around the stage you and I are at, that you won't really tell much of a change if any change at all. And I had an appointment last week and heard the heartbeat, everything is fine even though I feel like I'm not growing. But if I were you, I would go ahead and go into the dr now, if you really think you have this. Don't wait til Friday. Good luck.



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