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Rachel29 - December 13

I know some of you guys have posted about this, and I wondered if this is something I should worry about. Are there any symptoms? Is it one of those things I would know if I had? Somebody said that they don't even check for it unless you have had issues with this in the past. Is that true? I am probably being crazy, but I just can't help but worry about every little thing! Thanks!


Faye84 - December 13

Hi rachel, I have only been told that doctors can tell that you have one unless youve had issues with it in the pa__sed.. My friend Lost her DD due to an incompentent Cervix, she was unaware that she even had it. She got pregnant again and thats when they sewed her cervix and put her on bedrest. Maybe ask your doc if they can tell. I dont see why they cant tell. Do you know how common it is?


goldfish - December 13

if u havent had any problems in the past of early delivery , u dont have to be worried about it now. I guess ur doc would have told u by now so dont worry Rach


cynthia502 - December 13

Rachel - they will check your cervix at your midpoint u/s if you haven't had it already. They will make sure it is what they call "long." If appears shorter than it should they will investigate further. Try not to worry. I know it is hard. Most likely you are fine! :-)


ShoppingForTwo - December 13

During my first pregnancy they checked my cervix at 21 weeks. At 23 weeks I rushed to the ER because I felt like I was leaking fluid and I was 5 cm dilated. . . . Incompetent cervix. My cervix was perfect during my last ultrasound. If your super worried about it just tell your doctor that your concerned and s/he can watch you more closely. One a week would be perfect to cath cervical changes.


NewMommyinMay - December 13

Hi Rachel. My mom had this and no, unfortunately there are no symptoms and you won't realize you have this until you go into early labor (i.e. it's too late). HOWEVER, there is little reason for you to worry since less than 1% of pregnant women will experience this. Since I was concerned, due to my mom's history, they are checking my cervix every 2 weeks to make sure it does not appear to be "shortening" (due to the baby's weight). Even though multiple physicians have told me that I am not more at risk just because my mom had tihs, which makes me feel waaaaay better, they were happy to let me come in more often to get checked. They will either do this via manual exams or through v____al ultrasounds. My insurance won't be charged due to these visits either. I say try not to worry, but if you are just talk to your doctor, and see if you can come in more often. I completely understand worry about every little thing as it's my first pregnancy and I totally do the same thing!



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