Incompetent Cervix Inherited Condition

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NewMommyinMay - November 4

Hi Ladies, congrats to you all on your pregnancies and hope everyone out there is feeling well. I was just wondering if anyone knows if an incompetent (weakened) cervix is an inherited condition. My mom had this and had two miscarriages around 20 weeks. So, although I'm past the first trimester miscarriage worries, I am now focusing on new worries! I've done as much research as possible on the Internet but nothing explicitly addresses if a family history of this condition predisposes you to it. I asked my OB who said she thinks it is "probably not" inherited. Thanks in advance for any help!!


ShoppingForTwo - November 4

YES!! It is inherited! Yes yes yes. Please let my family be your example! My grandmother delivered her children at 5, 7, 7, and finally 8 months. My mother delivered me and my middle sister at 7 months, and then little sister at 8. I delivered my daughter on June 14th 2007 at 24 weeks excatly! I spoke with my doctor about that at every visit! I thought it was just premature labor, I NEVER HEARD OF INCOMPETENT CERVIX, So I just took her info on 17p shots and asked if I could take them weekly to prevent early delivery. She shut me down and made me feel stupid. Told me it wasn't herditary and not to worry and that she would see me in 4 weeks. She did answer the pages when my water was leaking at 23w1d so I went to the ER to find I was 5cm dilated and she never showed when they paged her. I was appointed a new wonderful doc and he ended up having to give me an emergency c section at 24 weeks because my water broke and she was breech. . . How I wish I would have switched doctors. . . she could have least agreed to monitor me more closely like once a week or something but she just brushed me off. I have a new team of perinatologist and an ob/gyn for this pregnancy. I will be getting a cerclage at 13 weeks AND 17p shots to prevent preterm labor. I am only 5w4d and my docotrs already put me on light duty at work. They really realy want me to take it easy and seem them several times a week. After my daughter Victoria dying 9 and a half hours after birth due to her severe prematurity from something that could have been prevented I am very very very proactive this pregnancy. From being in a support group I have learned about many many many other things that can go wrong so I am very very very happy that so so many tests are available to me everything from NST, to fetal fibronectin test, to biophysical profiles, to doppler flow check and everything in between. I know that anything preventable WON'T go wrong this time. Just a little bit of comfort. . . I don't know if doctors would give these test out so easily to other worried moms, I guess me working there has a little to do with it. Good luck with everything. Oh one more thing, my cervix was perfect at the 21 week ultrasound. And at 23w1d was when it was noticed at the ER that I was 5cm dilated and it was too late for an emergency cerclage. Marchofdimes dot com has some info on IC being pa__sed down genetically. Take that info to your doc and stress to him/her that your cervix NEEDS to be monitored once a week at the very least. Any more questions lol?


Rainbowbrite - November 5

See and my mother had this... with all of her children... and it was a concern for me but like you i also asked my midwife if this is hereditary or anything that could concern me and she said no. That it is not hereditary but honestly after reading this i can't help but feel worried again as i am nearing 21 weeks... And this is my first and my mom had her first at 5.5 months so i am almost at the spot where she had my brother- he pa__sed away at birth but NOW i am honestly feeling all freaked out...


joeysmom - November 5

I think it is inherited b/c my friend has this and almost lost her baby at 5 months and now with her last two pregnancies they have st_tched her at 14 weeks. Her sister had this and had two premature babies before they realized what was going on with her and then they started st_tching her with her third and fourth child and their mom also delivered her and all of her siblings premature but that was a long time ago so they didn't have a diagnosis but they are pretty sure that's what it is.


ShoppingForTwo - November 5

Yah I had an ultrasound at 21 weeks excatly and my cervix was perfect. 23w1d I realized I had been leaking for two days. I don't think you should freak out completely because it might not ALWAYS be pa__sed down, but at the very least I would demand my cervix be montiored VERY closely! At the very least, once a week. Ultrasound or internal. If they catch it before 3cm they can perform an emergency cerclage.


NewMommyinMay - November 6

Wow, thank you everyone for your stories and all the information (Especially ShoppingforTwo: thank you for your story and I am so sorry about your loss). Obviously not the answers I was hoping for, but I appreciate the honest feedback. Rainbowbrite, I feel your anxiety. This is my first also, and although I am only at 13 weeks and just entering the second trimester, this has concerned me all along. I am going to see a “cervical measuring specialist” in a few weeks to do some type of exam to see if my cervix is opening and how long it is, but from what people have said it seems like this won’t help much if I am not monitored on a continual basis? Yikes! It’s so unfortunate that most of the time this isn’t diagnosed until a person has experienced at least one premature birth. Rainbowbrite, please keep me posted on how you are doing. I hope your success story will help me get through my pregnancy.



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