Infant Car Seats

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Prissanna - January 18

I didn't know if everyone knew this or not. I read it on another forum and then asked a fireman who has been through the child safety seat classes and he verified that you have to dispose of car seats after 5 years because the car seat becomes brittle and will not hold up during a crash. I had no clue and was planning on using DD's infant seat with this baby. However she will be 6 when this on is born so that's out the window. Has anyone found a good price on an infant car seat that you wouldn't mind sharing? I love a good deal.


Cabbie - January 18

I think this is kind of in controversy right now. All the info that I have researched and found does say that some car seats should be replaced after five to six years, but others are good for ten. They stress ABSOLUTELY no more than ten. I have recently written Graco who makes our car seat because each manufacture recommends something different. Thanks for the info!


bean - January 18

I've looked and researched every car seat possible, and it seems like all signs point to the Graco SnugRide as the best choice. It's $100, although you may be able to find last year's models for $60 or so if you're on a budget (I saw these at Walmart last weekend). Good luck!


Tess - January 18

We went to Target just recently and Dh and I have decided to get a Graco brand. Its actually a combo..... (stroller, car seat and carrier) I like the fact that because I've read some good ratings about Graco products....and the price wasnt too expensive...Total package is around $119.


Drew - January 18

If you are not totally set on needing the carseat which doubles as an infant carrier, maybe look into getting a 3 in 1 carseat. It goes rear facing for the first 20 lbs and up to a year, then converts to a forward facing for 20-40 lbs and then into a booster seast for usually 40-100lbs. That way your only buying one seat for as long as your child needs it. The only draw back is that it doesn't double as a carrier. Good luck with your decision!


lucy - January 19

Tess, DH and I also have been thinking of getting the 3 in 1 stroller.. car seat,carrier and stroller.. with around the same price u mentioned so its good i guess.. but is it good? we already bought a baby carrier that is the cloth one for the first few months with a matching cute diaper bag.. if u know it's good and reliable plz tell me.. thanks :)


Tess - January 19

Hi Lucy~ I bought the Bianca style (Graco) at Target and then we bought the Bianca style for the play yard (color sage) We're expecting a baby girl so I dont wanna buy a Blue color stroller and blue play yard.....I think sage would be best. Don't you think? Visit and then click baby-strollers.....choose which one and then you'll be able to read the comments and ratings for that product you choose.


Cabbie - January 19

Hi! I received an answer from Graco today on how long to use their carseats. My email from Christina R. at Graco stated that they recommend only using their carseats for six years from date of manufacture.


Cabbie - January 19

I just received another email from the lady at Graco. She said the base is also considered unusable after 6 years, but any new Graco infant carseat/carrier would work with the travelsystem stroller we bought in 1999. That is good news. I love my travelsystem but don't want to purchase a new one entirely if I don't have too.



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