Info For All Preggie Ladies

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Rohi - February 13

Just thought to share this with you guys, especially those of us who are already on maternity leave, a friend of mine just introduced me to a way to earn extra cash while at home - you dont have to pay for registration and the only thing you have to do is read emails! I was sceptical at first, but i tried it and I already earned $15 in less than 20 minutes! I didnt even hae to read the email - i just clicked on the link in the mail.. so if you are interested, you can try the URL below. e-mailpaysuDOTcom/members/index.cgi?tosin6 goodluck


jendean00 - February 13

Really sounds to good to be true. Are you sure this is not a scam?


aliciavr6 - February 13

I work in internet advertising... They're all scams. Don't do any of them.


jendean00 - February 13

Yeah, Alicia. my husband is a systems engineer and said the same thing. I was just curious as to what they would reply back.


aliciavr6 - February 13

ohhh gotcha. It would be nice though, wouldnt it?? haha


jendean00 - February 13

Yeah, no offense but I have never seen that screen name on the board either. hmmm


mommybabyboy21 - February 13

she posted this in almost every form and that is all she wrote...I don't think its true.


jendean00 - February 14

I think it is a scam or virus attached to the link posted.


Sarebare - February 14

It is a scam, besides, she has her link to sign up which is what those places want you to do, sign up people and you make more money etc. ecxept you never do make anything. If you want to work from home, find out what you are good and great at and turn it into a business. I am doing a course in interior design and I am going to open up my own business and have my office at home. I am also good at graphic design so I design nursery wrap arounds in my spare time for friends. Stay away from these scams they are just a waste of time.



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