Insecure About Stomach

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el - September 4

This is my second baby and I hadn't lost all the little baby flab from the first preg yet. Furthermore, I put on about 4 pounds or so right before getting preg. Now I'm 16 weeks and while my clothes definetly aren't fitting very well, I just feel like I look fat and not really "showing." Has thi shappened to anyone? I had a fairly flat stomach last time and showed around 4 or 5 months. I just don't feel pregnant.


me too - September 2

I'm in the exact same boat...except this is my 3rd. I don't FEEL pregnant. I'm starting to be a believer in those people that don't realize until they are 5-6 months along! I keep asking my hubby if I'm really pregnant!! We'll be complaining about our bellies before we know it!


Laura - September 4

I feel the same way. I was skinny when I had my first baby, but this time I was about 20 pounds heavier when I got pregnant, so I felt kind of fat already. Being pregnant just made me feel fatter, and look fatter--here I am 5 months pregnant, finally starting to really show but I still feel like I just look fat. I can see people looking at my stomach when I go out trying to figure out if I'm pregnant or just chubby, and half the time I feel like the answer is that I'm just chubby because I don't really look pregnant even to myself. I can't wait to be 7 or 8 months pregnant when there will be no mistaking it! :)


De - September 22

I went shppping yesterday for some comfy, cute clothes to fit my expanding belly. This weekend my husband and I are going away for the weekend to relax and have some romance. that's my advice for feeling yucky: take some time for yourself!


mistey - November 3

im having my 4th and was lucky enought to lose the fat with each one (alot of time in the gym) but sometimes i still feel fat and unatractive i went and bought some nice clothes and make shore i leave the house looking presentable im 18wks and am at that stage also were i dont know if people think im preg or have just put on weight i cant wait to get a proper belly



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