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Sara - April 23

Is anyone pregnant without insurance? We have tried everything and can't get covered.


lyn - April 23

I have no insurance. and no no one will cover you. they consider it a peexisting condition. for how many people that dont have insurance, so then they dont go have regular checkups, youd think they would change it. you can try medicade but you and your spouse cannot make more than $1500 a month, and that is before taxes. my sister works at a hospital so she has told me how much it will cost to have our baby ($5000), and then our doctor is $1600. so this is an expencive baby we are having. but it is worth it


Trinity - April 24

Sara I saw in another thread where some hospitals and doctors offer an ob package for the uninsured. You have to ask them about it.


Emma - April 24

My insurance will not cover a pregnancy for 5 years due to a prior miscarriage. My doctor said he would work with me, but when it came down to it, it was not the deal he had initially promised. I opted for a birthing center run by midwives. It is going to save me over $6000. You might want to look into that if you have one in your area. The only negative ( which really doesn't bother me) is no drugs. Good Luck.


PJ - April 24

*gasp* I didn't know how much it cost without insurance... that's just plain crazy. Does anyone know if it's free or cheeper at county hospitals? That's just mean... You are already going to have a lot of financial issues when the baby is born and then have to pay so much money... does anyone know close to the exact amount of having a baby? They should try to make it more reasonable... that is why a lot of people... go into hospitals without identifications and give false names... it prices are scary.


Emma - April 24

The cost of having a baby here in Tampa is as follows: Doctor: $3200 Hospital: $3800 (2 nights) Epidural: $1000 Oh and bloodwork and sonograms are about another $1000. Not to mention if you need a c-section.


Sara - April 24

Thanks Emma That was a great recommendation, that I would highly recommend to others without insurance. My first child was delivered in a birthing center, all natural. Which I loved. I was planning on doing the same thing with this baby but my blood work came back showing that I was high risk to hemorage during labor, so my midwife will deliver the baby at a hospital because of the danger. I just feels good to know that others are going through the same thing. Thanks for the response!


Misty - April 24

I guess I got very lucky and was able to get medicaid for pregnant woman. We came in the bracket with about only $100 left before we went over. Hospitals are rediculously expensive. Try to see if you will qualify for medicaid. The bracket you fit into goes higher for every person in your houshold. I have my fiance, my son , myself and the baby on the way (which they thankfully count) so I am a 4 person houshold. I wouldn't have gotten it if I had been considered a 3 person household. Gooooood luck.


Jbear - April 26

I qualified for Medicaid, and my monthly household income is $2800, for a 4 person household. It's different in every state. There are also spend-down programs in some states (I'm in TX). The way it works here is that if paying your medical bills would put you below the federal poverty level, the state will pay some of your bills. So if you apply for Medicaid and are denied, you might still be eligible for a spend-down program. It's worth the time and trouble it takes to apply. Another option might be a program for the uninsured run by one of the hospitals in your area. I wish you were in San Antonio...I could tell you exactly who to call to find out about coverage. Another thing to remember is that the hospital can't turn you away when you're in labor, and they will bill you long as you're paying something, even $20 a month, they won't come after you, and medical bills don't affect your credit the same as other bills.


Heidi - April 26

How does most insurance work when the baby is born? Is the baby covered under your insurance or do you have to have separate insurance for the baby? I tried looking for insurance for when the baby is born for the baby and they said you have to wait till it's 8 wks old and then apply for insurance! So your insurance pays for delivery but not what they do to the baby after it is born? I'm so confused.


to Heidi - April 26

If you have your own insurance, you can add the baby to your plan and you will need to do so within 30 days of the birth. If you are on your parents insurance, only the delivery is covered and you will need to apply for insurance for yourself and the baby thereafter.


Heidi - April 26

Well I'm on individual insurance through my employer which is free. I don't know if I have to activate my family plan, which is too expensive, before the baby is born or if it will be covered so many days after birth? It is much cheaper if I buy independant insurance for the baby rather than buy family medical at work here. It's ridiculously expensive for just to add the baby. I just don't know how it all works. I should probably just call them and ask.


PJ's Repsonse - April 26

One reason that hospitals charge what they charge is because there are people cheating the system and using false names and such. Like insurance fraud raises insurance rates, hospital fraud raises hospital rates. I didn't realize that there were so many irresponsible people out there that would actually think of using a false name. I am lucky to have good insurance coverage but I work long days and weeks at a difficult job to have it. If I wasn't fortunate enough to have had the education I have and the job I have, I would go work for a company like Starbuck's who provides their employees with medical insurance. There are other options out there and cheating the system will only make the problem worse.


Krissie - April 26

MEDICAID. Do you have that there? Medicaid covers you if you're pregnant; no questions asked.


vlg5919 - June 9

Hi JBear, I'm in san antonio and would love to talk to you. Please email me at


Amanda - June 9

It cost me 4 years ago $10,000 to have a c section. thankfully i had GREAT insurance that paid it all. I am also having another c section with this baby


Nikki - June 9

Medicaid isn't completly about how much you make I believe well here in Texas that if you are pregnant with no insurance you automatically qualify....I think....but also here I know it isn't considered a pre-exsiting condition cause my company just switched insurance companies and they say they ( insurance companies) have changed to allowing pregnancy on there even if pre-existing.....maybe that is just here i don't know but I am with Blue Cross and we just switched to Blue Sheild....but my company is based out of California so it is Blue Sheild of California....try the Medicaid thing though...they should be able to help....also you can go to the Just Mommies forum and they have a pregnancy card offer in there that you get major discounts on it as well...I think it is called a Maternity Card....



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