Intelligender Anyone Plus Placenta Question

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mommylovesyou - January 16

has anyone used the intelligender urine test? I tried for fun this morning (my next u/s is february 11th so i have to wait until then to hopefully find out the s_x) & it said GIRL! I'd be thrilled if it was because i already have a DS but as long as its healthy it doesn't matter. I'm just interested to see if the test is right. Also, my past 2 appts. my dr. has tried to listen for hearbeat with doppler. The first time last month she said it could be too early but did a quick u/s just to check on it & the heart was beating healthy. This last appt. 2 days ago she had trouble finding & hearing it. The heartbeat was 130 (I'm 15 weeks 5 days) is that normal??? She also said the reason she may be having trouble finding it is because the placenta may be in front of the baby. Is this something to worry about? She didn't make a big deal about it but I don't know much on the subject. Any help would be appreciated thanks!!


MayMomma - January 16

If the placenta is in front of the baby it's nothing to worry about. The only difference it makes is it can make it harder to hear the heartbeat and less likely to feel your baby kick.


joeysmom - February 2

I tried Intelligender and it said girl but I won't find out until next month so we will see!!! I did it just for fun. All it did for me was just give me hope that it could possible be a girl. I have two boys so a girl would be awesome, but so would a boy!!! Good luck!!! let us know the result i'm curious to see if it's right!!


mommylovesyou - February 2

i will! im hoping to find out next week (the 11th) wish me luck!! :)


joeysmom - February 12

Hey, how did the ultrasound go? Did you find out the s_x of the baby?


mommylovesyou - February 12



joeysmom - February 13

That's awesome!!! It gives me hope!!! Everyone keeps saying i'm having another boy. My appointment is March 9th so I will let you know if mine was right!!! Congratulations!!!


mommylovesyou - February 13

well from what i've read although i could be wrong i think they have more false boys than girls. i tried it for fun & didnt really expect it to be a girl but it is! from the testimonials ive read i think it turns out right more than wrong but theres always the chance its wrong. good luck though!


joeysmom - February 24

So I went to the doc and they did an ultrasound and I'm having a GIRL too!!! The Intelligender was right for me too!!! I"m so excited!!!



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