Interesting Little Known Facts

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Lindsay - November 8

Share ones you heard from reliable source others might not know. At 14 weeks, babys can be seen playing with their umbilical cords. At the time of fullterm birth, babies vision range is 8-12 inches, perfect for seeing the mothers face when br___tfeeding. Prenates with their eyelids still fused seem to be using some aspect of "vision" to detect the location of needles entering the womb, either shrinking away from them or turning to attack the needle barrel with a fist. Babies have been known to react to the experience of amniocentesis by shrinking away from the needle, or, if a needle nicks them, they may turn and attack it. Mothers and doctors who have watched this under ultrasound have been unnerved. Following amniocentesis, heart rates gyrate. Some babies remain motionless, and their breathing motions may not return to normal for several days. At 20 weeks, twins in utero have no trouble locating each other and touching faces or holding hands! Ultrasonographers have recorded fetal erections as early as 16 weeks, often in conjunction with finger sucking, suggesting that pleasurable self-stimulation is already possible.


Michelle - November 10

wow, that's cool :o)


kinda freaky - November 10

knowing your son had his first hard on inside you though.


Lindsay - November 10

ROFL yeah, it is kinda freaky, but cool in a science biological kinda way :)


L - November 10

Be interested to know where you got these "interesting little known facts" from.


Lindsay - November 10



jackie - November 11

another unknown fact that my hubby learned at the police academy is that babies in womb cover their heads when they hear a loud voice.


>B> - November 14

MORE PLEASE! Love these facts!


bump - December 18

more pleas!!!


Monique - December 20

During our amnio, our daughter shrunk away. her heartbeat was 139 at my last doctor's appt., immediately AFTER amnio it was 120 and 4 days later at doctor it was 159!!!


LM - December 20

My son kicked at the needle during amnio, the needle had to be withdrawn during testing. He also hates the fetal monitor, as soon as the monitor was strapped to my stomach he kicked at it non stop for 10 minutes.



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