Interesting One Concerning Gender Predictions

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Diane - October 3

I heard an interesting one from my cousin about a year ago and it seems to be a lot more accurate than the others. They say, if your spouse, boyfriend, is at an even age in his life (34) during conception then the baby will be a boy, if he is in an odd age (35) in his life it will be a girl. This has turned out 98% right in my family (I have 12 cousin all with children and 4 aunts and uncles with children that we tested on). Let me know your results with this. Theoritically it makes sense because it is the man than chooses the gender, but realistically this is just for fun and couriosity. Ladies please respond with your thoughts, comments, and outcomes. Thanks.


Mim - October 3

That's ridiculous. Any correlation is coincidental. I get so frustrated when people put stock into that c___p.


Jean - October 3

Oh, come on - it's just for fun. My husband is 33 and our ultrasound says we're having a girl. So, mine is in line with this prediction!


Diane - October 3

Mim-- Sorry you feel that way, but if you look at my post, I said realistically it's just for fun. I would imagine you know what fun is?


Selena - October 3

Well I am in an odd spot here I guess. My husband was 28 at conception but then turned 29 a month later so do we go with odd or even? According to my ultrasounds we're having a girl.


Rachel - October 3

My husband is 21, and we're having a boy, but you're right it is all in fun.


amber - October 3

what are odd, even numbers like my bf is 21?


randi - October 3

im 18 and my husband is 25 so its says girl we will see on the 19th of this month


Debi - October 3

hi, my husband was 40 when we conceived and the amnio says girl. sorry.


Amy - October 3

my hubby is 29 and u/s says we are having a boy:)


JONI - October 3

My boyfriend is 25 and we are having a boy


MJM - October 3

With #1 my husband was 30 and we had a girl. I am now pg with our son and my hubby was 34 when we conceived. So I guess it is 50 50


cheryl - October 3

it works for me .. my bf is 23 and the u/s says its a girl!!!


Shanna - October 5

My hubby was 31 at conception and the u/s says girl.


stacey - October 16

very interesting! My hubby was 33, and we'll find out in 2 weeks if it's a girl or boy :)


Erin - October 16

Wrong for me :) My husband was 22 and we're having a girl


stacey - October 29

It was wrong for me as well, my hubby was 33 and we are having a boy.



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