Interim Name For Baby

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karen - November 1

My husband & I are trying to think of a cute name to call the baby other than "it" or "the baby." Since it will be another 5-6 weeks before we find out the s_x, we don't know what the real name will be. Any suggestions? What does everyone else call the baby before picking a real name?


Gemma - November 2

Little One


js - November 2



Kerry - November 2



Shauna - November 2

My friend calls mine Elvis! Lets hope it doesn't stick!!!


Renee - November 2

how about Junior or the little mrs?


Ashley - November 2

I call him/her Squirmy. At first, it was munchkin, and for a little while Bean, but then "bean" got big feet and started moving around too much so I switched to Big Bean or Big Foot. But I like Squirmy the best right now! :)


karen - November 2

Thanks. Actually my friend started calling it Cletus (as in Cletus the Fetus), and unfortuantely it has stuck for too long. I'm trying to get away from that!


Gemma - November 2

Little Poppet


joni - November 2

booger bear


DWC - November 2

my older sis and my daughter is the world's worst at making up nick names for the new baby's. She called my younger sis's peanut and now she is calling mine poppyseed, we also used bean for my cousin's. I think anything at this point is cute! I am so hormonal, LOL!


misty - November 2

we are calling ours "pumpkin" considering we thought of a nickname at the begining of Oct.


Cathy - November 2

I have been calling him circus monkey or flipper. He is contantly flipping around.


bee - November 2

How about "bean"?


Marlene - November 3

I call him B___tskins-it just came to me one day when I was talking to him before I knew what I was having. It just stuck


Ashley - November 3

We call ours " Lil' Schmo" since the very beginning. We find out next week the s_x so "Lil' Schmo" may become "Lil' Schma" hehehe


Kaeli - November 4

I called him my little coconut because everytime I went to lean over to pick something up, I felt like I had a coconut in my belly!



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