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alli - October 5

Hi Ladies, I'm sure this has been done before, but I thought it would be fun and a good way to introduce yourself to the rest of the forum. Just a couple of questions... Name: alli Country/State/City: Brisbane QLD Due: Feb 13 06 Number of months ttc: 3 Previous Pregnancies/complications:1 m/c feb 05 Gender: I chose to find out and it's a Girl!! Baby names: Ava Kellie and just in case it's a boy- Ryan Erik First baby movements: 17 weeks and everyday since week 20 Small bump or Big bump: Still fit in regular clothes!! Notes: Very anxious mum to be and hope to have an active labour, but will probably ask for an epidural!!


alli - October 5

Damm.. it's not set out how I thought it would....oh well :(


michelle - October 5

hey I'm due feb 19th so i'm 5 months now i live in B.C Canada with my first just started to feel little movement.And we are waiting to find out the s_x.My names are Austin Aaron or Abilene Rose. And I've started with the maternity clothing this month!!!


Dana - October 5

Hello. I live in wpg.mb canada. I am 21 weeks and recently found out we ae having a boy. I really did think it was going to be a girl so I,m trying to wrap my head around the idea of a son instead. Still just as thrilled to see everything was going well. good luck to everyone!


cheryl - October 5

hi .. im 19 weeks due march 1st with my first .. cant wait! ive been feeling little movements for the past few weeks and have to go shopping this weekend .. ive finally outgrown my clothes .. found out at 16 weeks its a girl and go back oct 12 and hopefully that hasnt changed, started shoppin for lil girls clothes .. still working on names, havent found one yet that i love ..


nikinoo - October 6

hiiiii! Im from victoria in Aussie! Im due 30th Jan. Im 24 and had my first girl at 22 on the 29th of jan, and a m/c when I was 19! I also chose to find out the gender and Im having a boy, name will be Kaiden Todd (middle name after my d/h brother who died.) I think its a beaut name! My first momements were 16-18wks and Im 24weeks now with a nice medium bumb and my belly b___ton has popped. I still fit into some of my regular pants. I will be having a ceasareandue to a twisted pelvic bone. Hope this is all good Alli!!


Kez - October 6

Hi, I'm Kez and I'm from London England orignally. I'm 22 wks with what we think is a little girl (amnio confirmation in a couple of weeks), she has talipes in both feet, we've had a rollercoaster of a first pregnancy, It took us 18 mths/2 yrs to concive and we now know I've got a biochonical (heart shaped) uterus. So that might have caused the defay. Name is going to be Halle Caitlin Sam, and if its by chance a boy Samuel Andrew Johnathon. Baby started moving around 16 weeks moves at least once day now. Mite have to have c-section but hope for a vagnal birth (with epidural and lots of drugs of course). We got all clear on amnio and dh and I are over the moon. Lol to everyone X


Jessica - October 6

Hi I am Jessica and I am 26 weeks pregnant due Jan 8th with a little boy, It took me 3 years to conceive and tried many fertility options then adopted my beautiful little boy from Korea who is now 7 months, To my big surprise, I conceived naturally during the adoptiion process. I live in NJ and we have decided to name our second son Ryan Michael. Two boys, 10 months apart and I am done!


Samantha - October 6

Hi, I'm Samantha. I am due April 10, 2006. I live in Texas. I can't wait to find out the s_x of the baby! My names are: for a girl Kate, and for a boy Thomas. This is my first pregnancy. Nice to meet all of you!!! Congrats!!!!


kl - October 6

hi name is kathy and i live in annapolis, maryland...due march 3, 2006...i have a 2 year old daughter at home...i can't wait to find out the s_x next far as names go we have discussed, we are waiting to find out what we are having first...i am 19 weeks pregnant and look like i am due in december...i have been wearing maternity clothes since about 8 - 10 weeks...this baby will also be born via c-section...good luck to everyone


amber - October 6

hey my name is AMber, I am from South Sioux City, Nebraska in the united states, i am due January 15, 06... First Child, Its going to be a girl, im now 25 n a half weeks, Name is going to be Ibanez Marie, I dont fit into alot of my clothes, I do feel the baby usually everyday since week twenty one. Very anxious to have this baby, i am not going to have a epidural either!!


Marlene - October 6

Hi My name is marlene. I'm due March 25th with my first.I'm 19yrs old and live in easton,Pa. I've been feeling flutters for a couple of weeks(since wk 13) only like once every two weeks and really weak flutters.I go oct 28 to find out the s_x i will be 19wks then.Hoping for a boy,but will be happy as long as baby is ok.Boy names: Kahlil or Malachi.Girl names: Kalleigh but that could be subject to change. Trying to get exercise becuase I'm going for natural birth(I dont think i'm superwoman just more scared of the epidural shot then the pain of labor-i hate neddles)Goodluck to everyone


dani - October 6

Hi, my name is dani and I'm from So. California. I'm due Dec. 30th with our first BOY! We were trying to conceive for only a month, wow, thought it would've taken longer than that. 28 weeks pregnant now and haven't fit in my regular clothes for about 3 months now. Like, Alli I'm a very anxious mom to be, and I can't wait!!!!


Amy - October 6

Hi, I am 15 weeks and 5 days with my 4th baby. This one is due on March 27th, 2006. This one was kind of a shocker because I was on the iud for birth control! I have a 8 year old daughter named Aubrey, a 2 year old daughter Vaeda, and my little boy Mason, who is 15 months. I am 26 years old from Winsted Minnesota. I have a wonderful husband Donnie, and we recently bought our 1st home. I grew up on Lake Minnetonka in a town called Mound. And would one day like to move back! I found out that I have complete Placenta previa at a 12 wek ultrasound but we are hopeful that it will move to where it should be before delivery, I am so scared to get a c-section!! I haven't really picked out any names yet, Although I do like Violet for a girl and Jasper for a boy. Good Luck to all the mommies to be out there! ~Amy~



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