Introducing Myself And Question About AFP

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bb220 - October 5

Hi my name is Brittany! I will be 13 weeks tm. Just had my 1st appt yesterday! Everything looks great!!! Had a lot of scares along the way!! Really didn't think I was gonna make it here!! I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in March and got a surprise bfp on July 31st!!!! I'm married to Kyle and this will be our 1st child. So here's my question.......My doctor said on my next visit I needed to decided whether or not to get the AFP test. I was wondering who is or has got this and what the benifits are? Thanks so much!!! And happy to be here!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!


sarah21 - October 5

Hey Brittany! Glad to see you over here now and so glad everything went well with your appointment yesterday. I personally am not doing the AFP. My Dr. talked with me about it and it came down to: if it looks like my child has downs, would I abort? Of course the answer was no for me. Yeah it can detect some neural tube defects, but a lot of those can be fixed after birth, so I don't want to be stressed out over a false positive, feel pressured into a follow-up amniocentesis and chance a miscarriage from it, and be stressed out through the rest of my pregnancy over the chance of a problem. And really, terminating my pregnancy is not an option. Those are just my own thoughts on it. I am choosing to go with my instincts, which are that everything is just fine. Good luck with your decision!


sarah21 - October 5

Oh, and she said that the ultrasounds generally show the neural tube defects anyway... just as a side note.


bb220 - October 5

Hey Sarah thanks! I'm am kinda confused on the whole thing! I don't know whether I want it or not!!! I'm sure there is no way in the world I would be able to abort ever!!! So I guess in a way that is my answer!


swollenangel - October 5

Hi Brittany - welcome! I am currently 21wks (first baby too!) ... was faced with the same question at my 1st appt and we decided against it too - totally agree with Sarah - you dont need the added stress during your pregnancy, esp not with false positives... its a time to relax and just enjoy everything! Good luck =)


jennifer_33106 - October 5

Those tests have a 80% false positive rate when info is off. I would never have an abortion but I had the test done to see what my odds were. I wanted to be prepared just in case there was bad news. Thats the only reason I had it done so it wouldnt be a shock to me. The first test is only a blood test and with my insurance, had I been high risk for downs they would have given me a 3D u/s before they took the fluid. So I saw no hurt in doing it. Although I wouldnt have let them take amniotic fluid as that causes an increase chance of m/c. But GL in your decision!!! And congrats!!


ROBYN - October 5

BB - well you know who i am LOL and i am thrilled things went well for you we were all so worried for a while there. Well... I had both screening for the NT scan part 1 and part 2 i had all the b/w done and honestly have no regrets all my tests came back normal thank god and all of us have our own personal reasons for why they would or wouldnt do it. ultimately its your decision with your husband i am for it but i have reasons to why we chose to do it. In the end its a personal choice.


Rainbowbrite - October 5

Hello! I too had the test done. I don't think it would have made me abort the child as it would just let me know to prepare myself a little more for what i was getting into and also i would have done research ahead of time if they did find something. i called my doctor yesterday because i hadn't heard anything back and they told me everything was negative so that everything is okay I am glad i did it but it is nerve wrecking. it is your own preference. it just depends on your own decisions and what you'd chose to do or if you'd want to know in advance!


JoJo123 - October 5

Hi Brittany- glad that you got through your obstacles! I am currently 15 weeks and I too am a first timer. I wondered what the testing was really all about. As a first timer- I think I am over cautious and I did any testing b/c I thought it was normal and I wanted to prepare myself for any hurdles that are being thrown my way. I figured- what can it hurt? The first test I had an ultrasound (which made me happy that I did the test- so I could see the little bean before 20 weeks :) because I still didn't "feel" pregnant). I also had blood samples taken. I had to go back two weeks later and give more blood samples. My friend warned me that even if the test says it's positive- don't be scared. With so many people telling me this I used it as basically an ultrasound bonus. Needless to say- I got my results back this morning of negative. Either way, I could never terminate our little bean - so it didn't matter what the test said. But, I can say that I am glad that I had it done. It's probably easier for me to say though now that I have my negative results back. I think it's 100% your choice and what you can handle. Good Luck and Congrats Again!


Iamamiracleangel - October 9

oh my, I had this test and I thought everything would be fine since I'm only 21 yrs old ( my husband is only 25) and I have no history of any mental retardation or birth defects in my family. I got a call a week later telling me that my chances of having a down syndrome baby was 1/63, the same as a woman who is almost 45 yrs of age. Of course I got this call on a Friday and right before a holiday weekend, so I couldn't go in for a level II ultrasound until the next week... So my appointment comes, my husband and I met with a genetics counselor, had a 2 hr ultrasound done and BOOM... Our little boy is perfect. All of that stress and pain for NOTHING.. These tests are not even close to accurate ( for the most part ). Here's my advice.... If you plan on keeping the baby regardless if it has a physical handicap, don't have the test done. If I'd known mine would have come back positive for the possibility of having Downs, I would not have taken it.. Good luck to you in whatever your decision is:) I'm sure the baby is perfectly healthy regardless.


KRISTINA - October 10

Well the test is as acurate as its meant to be. It is not supposed to tell you if your baby has a problem, it is supposed to tell you if your baby DOESN'T have a problem, big difference there. So yes, sometimes it can cause some unneeded worry. However if you go into it knowing that a positive result doesnt mean the end of the world and dont get to worried about it, I dont see a problem. I am pregnant with my 2nd and had the test both times. The first time I got a possitive. I did not have to do any other tests afterwards because the possitive was due to the fact that they miss calculated my due date. Regardless of whether or not you would abort your baby, I think it would be better to know, to prepare yourself in case your child does have special needs. Just think...Yes you might be worried now if you find out, but how will you feel if you are in the hospital and give birth and find out your child is handicaped. I dont even want to think of how that would feel emotionally, but you would also feel scared and unprepared. So my personal opinion is that you should have the tests done.



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