Iron Supplements

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Jean - January 4

I'm 24 weeks along and today i started iron supplements. I got one heck of a belly ache a few hours after taking one. Anyone else taking these?


Alexandria - February 16

I;m about to be 24 weeks and I also was told to take an iron supplement and experienced the same thing... I had to start taking them at night before bed, along with the prenatal vitamins. I cant seem to stomach either.


kia - February 16

my doctor had suggested these as i do not get enough iron in my daily dose...but am wondering how many people have actaully taken these without any problems...besides the tummy aches i mean


Tanya - February 17

Ladies, I take a pregnancy multivitamen daily but and my gynea told me specifically not to take extra iron because it promotes nose bleeds and constipation. He also said that the baby will take everything it needs from you as a mom, whether it is good or bad for you, so your babies are fine. I dont take extra iron or calcium at all and the doc said i shouldnt. Hope it helps, regards


Alexandria - February 18

Yeah but Tanya, sometimes your iron level can be so low that you're always dragging so you NEED to take an iron supplement. No one wants to be anemic, plus I read that if your iron level is low you're more inclined to get postpartum depression due to the loss of more blood and some other factors. I know for me I would be practically falling asleep at my desk at work. But now that I have been takin the iron pills at night I've been way more energized.


BBK - February 18

First, not all iron supplements are created equal: Ferrus Fumarate is less harsh than say Ferrus gluconate. Do not ever Ferrus Sulfate or Ferrus chloride, that are usually found in cheap supplements. A normal adult needs about 10mg a day while a pregnant woman needs a whopping 30 to 60. Careful though as excess iron can be toxic (hemosidirosis) and ironically the symptoms are the same as anemia. Check your prenatal supplement; most have 30mg of iron as Ferrus Fumarate. This will guarantee your minimum requirements while pregnant and you can seek certain foods that are good sources: red meats, eggs (yolks), whole grains, dried fruits, and all enriched foods. This way you're sure to be in the range of 30-60 mg that you'll need while pregnant A good pre-natal supplement will also have an AM and a PM pill. This is because there are vitamins and minerals that should not be taken together. Do not take calcium with your Iron supplement for example, and avoid coffee or tea or even high fiber foods when taking your iron, or they will bind it and flush it away.


Tanya - February 22

Agreed Alexandria, if you are anemic then you should of course. I am talking under normal circ_mstances now.


Jasmine - July 28

at 14 weeks i started taking iron supplements. i never experienced any stomach aches. now i am 31 weeks along.


Julie - July 28

My last blood test results showed that my iron was quite low, so the doctor put me on Ferrous Gluconate. I am not to take it with meals or with my prenatal or calcium supplements, but I need to fit it in 3 times a day. It is quite a challenge. I have mostly managed to keep them down, except when I didn't wait a full hour after taking it before I ate an apple (baby was hungry). However, I have also heard iron tends to constipate, and I have to say it seems to be having the opposite affect on me, it you get my meaning. Anyone else experience this?



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