Is A Dull Cramp That Hasn T Gone Away Normal

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concerned - February 13

I am 16 weeks today. I've had very mild cramps throughout so far, nothing alarming, what's to be expected. But since yesterday I've had a mild dull cramp right above my pubic bone, yesterday it seemed to be more focused just to the right of the center . Nothing painful but sometimes stronger...just like a mild period cramp. Normally I wouldn't think twice about it but it has been constant since yesterday around noon where as they normally last about 30 seconds, once or twice a week. Is this to be expected? I understand my uterus is expanding, im just wondering if it's normal for a dull cramp to last this long. I have no spotting/bleeding/discharge or any other symptom...just the dull cramp that wont go away.


concerned - February 13

oops... I meant to the left of the center above my pubic bone.


Heather - February 13

Concerned, I also had that a week ago I am 16 weeks 3 days, it was all around but mostly on the right side, then the next day my stomach was bigger, I think it was round ligament pain, I wouldn't woory unless you get other symtoms.


Talli - February 13

I had that type of cramping for a couple of days. I actually became very worried, but it went away just as unexpectedly as it started. if you are having a dull cramp on your side, it is most likely the round ligament stretching. I actually had cramps in the very middle, right above the pubic bone. Since i have a history of miscarriage,. it scared me a lot. But overall, I do not cramp at all, maybe only twice since the end of the first trimester. And had very little cramping in the first trimester as well.


concerned - February 13



Samantha - February 13

I have that too im 13 weeks 1 day iwent to the doctor and he told me that it was just because my uterus is expanding but any site of blood go to the doctor !



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