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R - April 24

17 WEEKS........OCTOBER 8TH.


Heather - April 24

uhh no and neither are you... October 8th would make you 16 weeks...


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 24

I am 15 weeks due Oct. 12, but I will be having a repeat C-Section so it will most likely be scheduled for 1-2 weeks early. My best friend is 16 weeks due Oct. 7. It is fun being pregnant together. We were pregnant togther (4 months difference) with our first babies too.


Melissa - April 24

R, I am 17 weeks and due October 7th.


sara - April 24

i am due october 7th and i am 16 weeks 2 days.


Heather - April 24

u guys are crackpots.. you're not 17 weeks at october 7th... you are 16 weeks pregnant but in your 17th week.. its different.


Amy - April 24

Well Heather I am a OB nurse and Due date depends on how long you cycles are .....ask around not everyone is going to be the same as not everone has the same cycle....Do your homework before you come on here calling names


cystal - April 24

I'm due oct 1. I'm 17 weeks, how is everyone feeling?


Grace - April 24

I am due Oct 5th I am 17 weeks today so I guess everyone is diff, I am feeling great Cystal how about you???


kk - April 24

hi, i am 16 weeks and 1 day. due october 7th.


HP - April 24

I'm 17 weeks. Due October 1. Crystal we have the same due date. For Heather: due dates and weeks can be different depending on menstrual cycle like Amy said, and also can depend on fetus size measured during the first trimester.


Heather - April 25

Amy you are right but... it doesnt mean that you have less of a pregnancy than someone else.. it just means your duedate is differently.. EVERYONE with the same duedate will be the same amount pregnant..


HP - April 25

Is anyone gonna find out the baby's s_x ? I have ultrasound scheduled for May 3 (I'll be over 18 weeks that day). Hopefully they'll be able to tell us the s_x.


rae - April 25

I'm 18 weeks and due sept 24th


HP - April 25

Sonya, it must be fun to have a best friend who's pregnant the same time you are. My best friend has been trying for awhile (almost a year) with no luck. I got pregnant at the first month trying. I wish she and I could be preg. at the same time, it'll be fun. Could go shopping together & share the same excitement.


Missy - April 25

17 weeks one day - Due Oct 2 CONGRATS TO ALL EXPECTANT MOTHER!!! We will be going for the "big" US on May 4 - hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will see if it's a boy or girl


crystal - April 25

Hi guys i'm still very naused. But other than that i'm great. I feel the baby kick all the time what about u, grace and hp? I feel like this kid is always kicking me.



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